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How to Maximize Your Advertising for the Big Game

The Big Game is right around the corner–is your advertising ready for one of the most highly-anticipated events of the year? If you’re not familiar with automation, it enables businesses to streamline marketing and advertising efforts, so you’re spending less time focused on mundane, time-consuming tasks and more time being in the game.

How Ad Automation Can Increase Your Campaign Efforts with Less Effort

Ad automation can take the guesswork–and the legwork–out of your process. When done correctly, it’s one of the most effective marketing tools businesses can utilize. Ad automation delivers a host of benefits users can take advantage of, including increased efficiency, aligned sales and marketing efforts, and a more personalized approach to your target audience.

Why Should Businesses of All Sizes Advertise During the Big Game?

We know not everyone has the budget to secure an ad spot during the Big Game. All good–just because you don’t have a budget for a prime time commercial, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be part of the event or the conversation. The Big Game is the one day out of the year where viewers are very dialed into advertising–so you’ll be happy to learn your efforts can go a long way on other top channels, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Google.

We know your audience is likely going to be very tapped into various channels during the Big Game, so if you have the opportunity to reach them with personalized ads based on their interests and searches, you’ll start seeing benefits like increased click-through rates and higher conversion rates. With ad automation at the forefront of your approach to your campaigns, your marketing and advertising strategy will be off and running, all while you’re responding in real-time and even enjoying some down time.

How Fluency Can Help You Automate Your Advertising

Whether you’re managing 10 campaigns, or 10,000, Fluency provides scalable solutions to both digital marketing companies and large businesses. With our enterprise-level ad automation platform, we’ll help you and your team automate the critical, yet time-consuming tasks associated with your digital advertising management. This way, you can spend more time focusing on the important things–like listening to your customers and responding in real-time.

Maximize Your Reach by Applying These Strategies to Other Big Events

While the Big Game is the one day viewers are undoubtedly drawn to advertising, it doesn’t mean these same strategies can’t be applied to other big events. With the Olympics and the Oscars right around the corner as well, you can get ahead of these events and start creating compelling campaigns with the help of ad automation today. Fluency has built a feature for exactly this purpose. Specifically, our Broadcast feature was built for wide-scale, short duration, messaging adjustments.

The old method of displacing all your creatives and trying to return them back is clumsy, error prone, and oftentimes, requires someone to be at work on weekends to either apply or revert the messaging. Fluency’s Broadcast feature takes that all away.

Here’s how it works: you start with your new message, the dates it’s valid for, and finally where you’d want it to show up. The Broadcast feature takes over from there. As soon as the promotional dates hit, Fluency will get your message out there. When your promotional dates end, we return the ads right back where they were before.

Whether it be the Rams or the Bengals you root for in the game, Fluency is rooting for your strategists to be able to enjoy the game without interruption!

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