Frequently Asked Questions

Does Fluency offer any solutions outside of paid media?

Fluency’s solution focuses on the execution, management and optimization of paid media. This includes adwords automation, social ad management, youtube ad automation and other paid formats. This dedicated focus enables us to offer best-in-class technical capabilities which are complimented by expert support and service professionals.

What is Fluency’s support structure? How will Fluency partner with me for success?

Fluency offers a comprehensive client support structure guided by a mission to empower our clients to constantly challenge the idea of what’s possible through the fusion of technology and human potential. 

This mission guides our belief that advertising automation is a partnership, not just a process. From the start of your partnership with us, our team will  help you clarify and expand your focus, and aid you in realizing your organizational potential. Fluency’s team guides you through a journey of operational reflection and iteration, with outcomes that lay the foundation for the best version of your business. With each and every collaboration, we strive for a unique service level that you can “feel.”  Backed by a world class team of professionals with deep experience in all facets of digital advertising (including direct agency and in-house ad management experience at enterprise organizations), our breadth of consultation is as dynamic as your business.   

While your specific support structure will depend on your unique needs and solution, our support typically includes the following core components:

Platform implementation:

Fluency’s implementation approach centers on empowering you and your teams to realize the benefits of automation as early – and sustainably – as possible. Your implementation will include the following core components:

  • Goal alignment and implementation scope
  • Phased implementation to ensure data ingestion, partner connections, and training. This includes: Core functionality training and setup, budget management training, and building and launching campaigns through our platform

Ongoing service and support:

We remain committed to a deeply strategic engagement level that extends well beyond that of technology, and into that of organizational and operational efficiency.  Depending on your unique needs and your specific Fluency solution, you will be supported by a world-class team of professionals dedicated to ensuring your success. This includes direct support, access to engineering and technical resources, and operational consulting.  It is our mission to support your ongoing evolution - while playing a proactive role in how our technology can impact that journey. 

Self-service training and resources:

In addition to our services, every aspect of our platform is backed by extensive, on-demand learning and training resources. These materials have been designed to support a full range of learning styles.

This unique combination of implementation, support, and training has helped us build lasting partnerships for businesses of all sizes, a client retention rate of over 99.85% since our founding, and a 5-star average rating on G2.

Is Fluency a DSP?

Fluency is not a demand side platform (DSP). Our advertising management solution makes it significantly easier to manage content at scale through your DSP.

Who are Fluency's customers?

Fluency powers enterprise advertising agencies as well as Fortune 1000 companies that run digital marketing in house. This range has enabled us to develop a uniquely flexible and scalable platform, which we complement with a comprehensive support approach that has resulted in lasting partnerships. Currently, Fluency has a retention rate of over 99.5% and a 5-star rating on G2.

What areas of my advertising business does Fluency impact?

As the only advertising management solution powered by Robotic Process Automation, Fluency will help you eliminate manual tasks and effortlessly drive comprehensive ad programs  at scale.

Accordingly, the platform impacts all aspects of ad operations including launching, managing and optimizing advertising. Fluency also provides tools that help sales teams, engineering teams, analytics teams, management teams, and executive teams.

For more detail on how Fluency can positively impact your business, we invite you to view our video gallery.

What is Fluency's pricing model?

Fluency's pricing model can adapt to meet the needs of each partner and typically involves either a percent of ad spend or fee per individual ad account. To get a better sense of what Fluency would cost for your business, please fill out this form for a personalized consultation.

Is my business ready to adopt automation?

Yes! Every business is unique, but virtually all digital advertising programs include standardized, repeatable processes that lend themselves to automation, as well as datasets that can be easily processed and scalability demands that automation can support.

Fluency will work with you on a comprehensive assessment of your unique automation readiness. We have extensive experience working with organizations of all sizes to deliver comprehensive automation adoption and implementation plans, and we will apply this expertise directly with your team to assess your unique processes, stakeholders, and operational  readiness. For more information we invite you to read our blog series on automation readiness.

What is RPA for Advertising?

Robotic Process Automation for Advertising (RPA4A) is a digital advertising-focused technology that uses software robots to automate the types of repetitive tasks found throughout agency and enterprise campaign workflows.

By leveraging RPA, our clients are able to dramatically reduce human errors, increase consistency, exponentially increase execution capacity, and free advertising teams to focus on strategic activities instead of mundane and tedious tasks.

Which advertising networks and campaign types does Fluency work with?

Fluency provides comprehensive digital advertising management across the following channels and campaign types:
Google: Search, Display, Shopping, Remarketing, VLA, YouTube, Performance Max, Discovery

Bing/Microsoft: Search

Facebook: Standard

Waze: Standard

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