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4 Ways Automated Campaign Management Tools Benefit Business

For your advertising teams, basic ad campaign platforms and tools make basic account management doable and somewhat scalable. Yet, because many tools still rely on manual labor, your team can quickly start to feel the limit of what's possible. Your potential for revenue growth and scalability feel it, too.

That's where automated campaign management comes in.

With the help of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for Advertising, you can run engine agnostic campaigns across many accounts with maximum efficiency – and realize scalability and revenue goals with drastic business impact.

Simply put, you'll see transformed ad campaign success across your account portfolio.

The benefits of using Robotic Process Automation for your accounts’ ad campaigns include:

  1. Increased Efficiency and Time Savings
  2. Budget Pacing Optimization and Improved Accuracy
  3. Scaled Monitoring and Integrated Reporting Dashboards
  4. Simplified Onboarding and Implementation

Read on to learn what automated campaign management can bring to your business.

1) Increase Efficiency and Time Savings

What Are The Primary Benefits Of Automated Campaign Management Tools?

Cohesive ad campaigns — and better strategies — start with automation. What does your business stand to gain? Automation enables members of your organization; it won’t replace them. Reducing the volume of mundane, repeatable tasks creates more time for them to focus on strategy and execution.

For example: Rolling out a promotional ad? Write it in a tool, once, and apply it across all of your accounts in real-time with the push of a button.Rather than spending time writing to specific platform specs, RPA tools can interface with your business’ platforms and patterns to recreate your efforts at scale. Automation allows talented team members to do their jobs more strategically. Automated campaign management tools free them up to make more creative, strategic decisions.These tools also help your hiring efforts & retention strategies: Don’t hire just anyone to run an ad account. Instead, focus on hiring skilled strategists who will have long-term impacts on your business.Based on our experience,the right tool can help businesses reduce headcount by 50% and increase our book of business by 200%.

2) Budget Pacing Optimization and Improved Accuracy

Where Can You Save Thousands in Your Margins?

People make mistakes. If you're launching tens – or hundreds – of accounts, then it’s likely that teams will make some human errors. They might not be able to quickly see spend issues across accounts, or places where optimizations are needed.

Underspending or overspending your account budgets is avoidable.

RPA-powered automated campaign management tools have the ability to budget and pace across channels. One account budget can be shared between channels and adjusted to reach unique account goals. Teams can automate where and when to strategically spend individual account budgets with ease as your volume of accounts increases.


Robotic Processing Automation’s real-time, cross-channel management of your budget means that ad spend is allocated with precision and updated without needed intervention.

Note: Automated budgeting is not a “set it and forget it” tool, but rather a system that allows you to create systems, aggregate data, and manipulate strategy.

Most importantly, RPA ensures you’re profiting in the margins. Thousands of unoptimized dollars can be put to work, transformed into commissions, and result in happier, long-term clients.

How Does This Streamline Content Management?

Oftentimes, the sheer amount of content being deployed can incite error.

Catch and avoid mistakes in a singular, controlled environment with automated campaign management tools.

  • Easily pull, alter, and replace expired ad copy or timely event promotions.
  • Keep pace with channel-specific, product rollouts from Google or Facebook.

Decreased errors related to budget and campaign management can have significant impacts on your business, margins, and customer relationships.

3) Scaled Monitoring and Integrated Reporting Dashboards

How Can Automated Reporting Power Intentional Strategies?

Utilize automated campaign management tools to consolidate the data from your accounts in one centralized location. With integrated reporting dashboards, you get benefits related to:


Without a customized reporting dashboard, it is nearly impossible to efficiently and accurately keep track of your cross-channel campaigns.

Monitoring a large volume of accounts becomes problematic and error-prone because platforms like Facebook Ads manager and Google Adwords don't have integrated dashboards that aggregate your data.


Automation works within an ad account management tool to help managers make changes across accounts.

With the click of a button, wording can be changed across accounts — even subdivided based on geography — and changed back once an event is done. Ads drive more business by meeting rapidly changing needs and desires.


When an ad account management tool has automated, cross-channel notifications within a consolidated dashboard, managers gain:

  • Immediate insights into which accounts may have issues with budgets
  • Notifications regarding quick ways to optimize account performance
4) Simplified Onboarding and Implementation

What Measurable Goals Can Automation Help You Accomplish?

As a growing company, you reach a point where you should be using these tools to meet the demand of the accounts you service. Rather than sticking with the “pain of the same” and stagnation, consider the growth enabled by implementing the best tools and practices.

While a natural learning curve to new technology and processes is inevitable, the benefit of adoption is worth it. A solution like Fluency’s Robotic Process Automation for advertising is structured to help facilitate clients through the onboarding stage.

If both client and partner know what they're trying to accomplish, RPA ad account management tools quickly show their value.

Ditch Manual Process And Automate To Save Thousands In The Margins

How Can Fluency Eliminate Mundane Tasks For Your Specific Business?

As the only cross-tenant tool designed to automate ad account management, Fluency is here to help. No matter the industry, Fluency works with both agencies and in-house teams to achieve more, faster.

In It’s All In The Numbers: Saving Your Team’s Time With Fluency, we've measured the time tasks take with Fluency’s automation versus without.

Go deep on the subject of time—what you're losing, what you could be saving, and the real results some of our clients have realized when they start gaining it back.