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More Campaigns, Less Complexity

The digital advertising industry is on the cusp of a revolution that will upend the commonly held belief that ad automation is bad in advertising and that localized campaigns can't coexist with economies of scale. Fluency is helping bring about that revolution, turning the complex challenges inherent in digital marketing into opportunities for firms of all sizes.

Data to drive your ads and target users

Scalable automated data to drive strategies

Launch thousands of highly specialized ads in seconds

Manage by exception and let Fluency handle the rest

Uncompromised Performance
for Uncompromising Professionals

Growth-minded digital marketers shouldn't accept having their opportunities dictated by limited resources or compromised technologies. Fluency can deliver an unlimited number of targeted ad campaigns with unheard of speed and effectiveness.

Our customers
are seeing


in CTR

Our customers reduce
launch time from days to


unlimited accounts with
just one click

Our customers
are seeing


in CPC

Intelligent Automation
Exponential Results

One of a company's most important—yet finite—resources is its people. Fluency's ad automation platform gives your advertising professionals the ability to scale their expertise across an unlimited number of clients and campaigns, without jeopardizing performance.

Customized Localized Maximized

Having the ability to configure campaigns for specific markets, messages, and circumstances can make or break a brand's success. Fluency's technology is built from the ground up to leverage data to improve audience reach and relevance.

Speed Drives
Sustainable Success

From concept to creation through execution and refinement, agility is a must in digital rpa advertising. With Fluency, you’ll be able to automatically launch thousands (yes, thousands) of campaigns in seconds, with instantaneous updates across portfolios that further improve campaign impact.

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