Discover the platform for advertising automation.

Launch, manage, and optimize campaigns across all major channels with groundbreaking efficiency and control.

Your advertising strategies shouldn’t be limited by technical constraints, resource limitations, and tedious, time-consuming tasks. The Fluency platform brings first-of-its-kind Robotic Process Automation for Advertising together with AI into a single hub that enables you to deliver comprehensive ad programs at a virtually limitless scale.

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Accelerate Your Growth

Combining the power of automation with the ability to control and customize advertising at scale, Fluency unlocks transformative growth benefits across your organization.

Scale more profitably
Improve performance by integrating data in real time
Deliver more results in less time, with less resource investment

Automate advertising management.

  • Accelerate account launches

    Exponentially reduce account launch times by up to 90%.

  • Optimize across channels

    Manage complex multichannel campaigns through one interface.

  • Streamline workflow management

    Eliminate tedious account maintenance and manage your portfolio in bulk.

  • Address issues at scale with notifications

    Focus on what matters most with 24/7 monitoring and alerts that enhance outcomes across your portfolio.

Fluency centralizes every key channel—including search, social, programmatic, video, and Amazon Sponsored Display—and automates repeatable processes, so you can achieve more efficiency and greater performance.

Optimize budgeting and pacing effortlessly.

Eliminate overspend and underspend while managing budgets with transformational ease.
  • Reduce time spent on budget management by 90+%

    Automated bidding features ensure you're optimizing spend 24/7, while real-time alerts help you instantly address errors.

  • Customize your pacing approach

    Tailored pacing tools ensure your budgets are invested appropriately, every month.

  • Get recommendations and forecasts in real-time

    Eliminate tedious account maintenance and manage your portfolio in bulk.

Customize campaigns at scale.

Unlimit your capacity to deliver the right ad to the right audience, every time.
  • Create an infinite number of localized campaigns

    Fluency Blueprints help you scale precise local campaigns while ensuring compliance and brand consistency by templating your unique data and strategies.

  • Simplify agency-client transactions

    Fluency’s CoLab streamlines client communication, change requests, onboarding, and performance reviews.

Accelerate productivity and performance with integrated AI.

Intuitive, controllable AI amplifies and extends your output while ensuring brand safety, control, and compliance.
  • Create better content

    Harness AI to help you generate messaging that outperforms your competitors.

  • Control performance

    Set specific performance success boundaries for your vertical.

  • Generate incredible reports

    Fluency automation “normalizes” your data, while AI tools instantly transform it into actionable, dynamic reports for clients and stakeholders.

Deliver unified reporting and next-level insights.

Standardized metrics across publishers provide you with real-time unified data, optimally configured for in-depth analysis.
  • Customizable dashboards

    Create comprehensive dashboards to monitor your business-specific KPIs.

  • Integrated data analysis

    Instantly generate insightful, multidimensional reports across variables for quick and informed decision-making.

  • Automated performance reporting

    Streamline the creation and automation of location-specific reporting presentations using your distinct data sets and branding.

Partnership that scales alongside you.

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Your Fluency platform is backed by world-class support from dedicated teams who will get you up and running within days, empower every layer of your team, and drive lasting growth by fusing our technology with your operations and strategies to maximize your long-term potential.

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Guided implementation that drives immediate value

A partnership with Fluency begins with guided implementation services that are tailored to your specific goals. From day one, we focus on delivering you value and efficiency in the platform while working toward your long-term automation goals.

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On-demand training and resources

Fluency users have access to a comprehensive library of on-demand resources and tools, crafted by professional educators and tailored for diverse learning preferences. Learn how to expertly navigate the platform and stay informed about new features and functionality as soon as they’re released.

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Continuous support and partnership

Our commitment to you extends beyond just solutions—we provide a dedicated advertising and automation expert who will work alongside you, understanding the nuances of your business. This long-term partnership is designed to be an integral extension of your team, guiding and growing with you every step of the way.

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