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Our story is one of philosophy, technology, and humanity combining to transform an entire industry.

It was 2017—which these days feels like a lifetime ago. A group of us had been working together in digital advertising for 20 years, and we realized that no matter how far the industry had come, it still had a long way to go. At that point, the average ad strategist spent more time being reactive than proactive. Their tasks were often more mundane than creative. Their mindspace was occupied by tactics rather than strategy…this list was endless, and it resulted in a variety of outcomes—all of which were negative for them, their companies, their clients, and the customers the advertising was supposed to reach.

There were potential solutions—including automation—but most organizations were either too leveraged to their existing business models or too distracted to focus on building a platform for the future. Regardless of what was happening, we knew two things: first, if not solved, these issues would become existential threats to an entire industry, and second, we were ready to put our ideas, experience, and expertise to work on an answer.

To meet the constantly evolving challenges of the digital ad world (think: changing platform and channel rules, new—and locally unique—legislation and regulations, evolving best practices, and on and on,) we had to create an environment that embraced and empowered people who were agile, energetic, passionate, and had the same archetypal bias-for-action that served us well for the previous two decades. Our team—currently spread across 11 states—has proven to be everything from empathetic to imaginative to resilient to relentless, all against a backdrop of incredible and unprecedented change, and they’ve not only thrived in that environment, they’ve been instrumental in helping it expand, evolve, and improve.

We created Fluency to serve the present—and more important, future—needs of our industry. We created Fluency to help businesses transform their processes and better the lives of their staff, while exponentially bolstering their results. And most important, we created Fluency to give people—our people—the opportunity to make impactful contributions in and for a category that millions engage with and depend on every day.


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