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How Bi-Directional APIs Power Scale in Digital Marketing

Businesses are constantly looking for ways to streamline their processes and operations. By doing so, they’re able to save time, money and better position their efforts to tasks that strengthen their competitive advantage. One way to do this is by leveraging Application Programming Interfaces—APIs—and their myriad benefits. 

But before agencies and enterprises can take full advantage of what APIs have to offer, they should be aware of some common challenges involved in the process, like technical complexity, continual maintenance, and technical resource availability. 

Many businesses will choose to partner with an organization that will help them craft and implement an API-based advertising strategy. When picking a partner, teams will often want to know if they’ll maintain access and ownership over their own data, and likewise, will their data inform the decisions of the product they integrate with. 

With Fluency, you can do both by using something we refer to as a Bi-Directional API. Some API-enabled products allow you to read from them, but not write into them. A Bi-Directional API will give you both options, and empower you to control most—if not all—aspects of the underlying behavior.

What Are the Core Benefits of Bi-Directional APIs for Agencies and Enterprises?

A well-engineered API should help your teams avoid mistakes, save time, and be easy and quick to integrate with. At its core, an API is simply a software connection between applications that takes place at a programmatic level—such as an e-commerce store and PayPal. One of the benefits of a Bi-Directional API over a normal API is that it improves connectivity between data and systems so information is never siloed. 

Bi-Directional APIs unlock massive scale for all advertisers, while ensuring their engineering teams retain control over critical parts of the process. This flexibility may be one of the biggest benefits of all—just ask your closest engineer. 

Furthermore, for organizations that have enterprise-scaled needs, or need to get data that isn’t accessible through the user interface, they can do that programmatically with Bi-Directional APIs.

Improve Workflow Efficiencies and Business Innovation Opportunities

Your teams use APIs today. One challenge, specifically in the fast moving advertising domain, is API upkeep. Advertising APIs evolve quickly and there are many of them to keep current. 

The best solution is one that reduces this complexity: a stable, versioned API that sits in front of—and normalizes—the seemingly infinite number of channel partner APIs can greatly simplify your internal architecture. Your business will want to leverage APIs to reduce labor in the long run. Exchanging manual work for continual developer API upkeep is just trading one person’s set of hours for another’s, so finding that stable and simple singular API for advertising can be a massive benefit. That’s exactly what Fluency’s Bi-Directional API does.  

As your organization grows, manual efforts are unsustainable to scale, a problem which virtually mandates programmatic automation (integration with APIs). Leveraging a well-engineered API for all the same things you can do manually can reduce labor demands to zero or near zero time. 

Fluency’s RPA4A Provides the Must-Have Layer of Bi-Directional API with Flexibility and Customization

Whether you’re struggling to keep up with the accelerated volume of API changes, or weighing whether you should build or buy, Fluency’s Bi-Directional API offers the best of all worlds, including flexible reporting and management, unlimited access to our API, and external platform data engagement.

“Enabling Bi-Directional API functionality in our platform allows our customers to automatically update hundreds or thousands of ad accounts based on their business data. This ensures that we can bring our clients scalability at lower labor costs while still feeling like they can provide a unique experience to their clients.” says Dan Sonneborn, VP of Product Management at Fluency. “With the flexibility to interact with our system that’s 100% tailored to your needs, RPA4A is the solution agencies and enterprises need to unlock massive scale.” 

With our Bi-Directional API, Fluency provides the must-have layer of API integration with flexibility and customization. Ready to explore the benefits of Fluency’s RPA4A platform for yourself? Book a demo today.