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Fluency Now Integrates “Amazon Sponsored Display for All” in our Platform, Unlocking High-Intent Non-Endemic Advertising at Scale

Amazon continues to solidify its position as a valuable advertising channel for businesses seeking growth by expanding its offerings, most recently introducing an exciting new solution for businesses who don't sell products on Amazon: Sponsored Display for All. For industries that aren’t native to Amazon's retail space – think everything from home services to the automotive sector to travel and hospitality – this presents a monumental opportunity. As an Amazon partner, Fluency is among the inaugural cohort of platforms enabling advertisers to leverage this capability at scale. Our goal is to empower your business to capitalize on the many benefits of utilizing Amazon’s robust first party data and targeting capabilities. 

In this article, we’ll dive into how Amazon Sponsored Display Ads can amplify visibility and engagement for non-endemic advertisers and how brands can seamlessly integrate these ads into a scalable omnichannel strategy.

Understanding Amazon Sponsored Display Ads

Sponsored Display Ads offer businesses a powerful opportunity to leverage Amazon’s insights and rich audience data. Drawing from shopping activities, streaming choices, and browsing habits, these ads are adept at targeting customers wherever they are in their buying journey. Advertisers can customize their display creative with logos, headlines, images, and videos that will dynamically resize to fit all supported ad placements on and off Amazon. 

Why Consider Amazon Sponsored Display Ads?

Amazon Sponsored Display Ads can support your marketing push in a big way, if done right. Here are some of the benefits they can bring to your ad campaigns:

  • Extended Reach: Sponsored Display Ads could appear across the Amazon store, plus thousands of apps and websites. With 43% of Amazon shoppers influenced by ads they’ve encountered on other sites, this gives advertisers a huge opportunity to reach new audiences on new platforms. 
  • Strategic Ad Placements: Amazon optimizes ad placements for impact. Your ad might appear on Amazon’s homepage or even a competitor's product page, giving you an edge in a saturated market.
  • Precise Audience Targeting: Sponsored Display Ads utilize Amazon’s exclusive insights to target relevant audiences for your business based on browsing behavior, purchase history, and four pre-built customer segments: in-market, lifestyle, interests, and life events. 
  • Location Targeting: Location controls are available, allowing advertisers to target specific postal codes, cities, states, and designated market areas. 
  • Customizable Ad Formats: Advertisers can easily create dynamic creatives, from banner ads and side widgets, to suit their brand’s creative vision. 
  • Performance Optimization: Whether aiming for reach or page visits, Sponsored Display Ads optimize bids to align with your chosen campaign objective.
  • Budget Flexibility: No stringent spending caps. Choose between CPC and vCPM, adjust bids, or pause campaigns as needed.

Navigating Amazon Ads for Non-Endemic Brands 

Non-endemic brands – it's time to shake off old beliefs that Amazon is purely a B2C product haven. Think creatively about how your brand narrative can seamlessly weave into a consumer’s shopping journey. Could a user browsing for car repair tools be nudged towards your car dealership for a service? Or perhaps a user eyeing luggage is pondering a European vacation and needs your travel agency’s expertise? The possibilities are vast.

Managing your Amazon Sponsored Display Ads in Fluency

By managing their Amazon campaigns through our platform, advertisers will be able to activate an unlimited number of campaigns with groundbreaking speed and efficiency. One early adopter in the automotive vertical is launching over 800 campaigns through the platform - a process that can be achieved in hours vs. days. 

Once you’ve decided you want to incorporate Amazon Sponsored Display Ads into your omnichannel advertising strategy, automation can drive both performance and growth. As an Amazon verified partner, Fluency enables you to launch, optimize, and measure your Amazon campaigns directly in our platform, allowing your team to scale to success.

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