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Fluency Employee Spotlight: Jeff Palmer

Here at Fluency, we pride ourselves on our people. After all, without them, we wouldn’t be nearly as innovative, savvy and resourceful–so we asked them “why Fluency?” More specifically, what makes our employees proud to work at Fluency and what keeps them going.

Getting to know Jeff Palmer: Manager, Enterprise Client Services

Meet Jeff Palmer: Manager, Enterprise Client Services here at Fluency. Before Fluency was founded, Jeff worked in advertising with two of our founders, Eric Mayhew and Brian McVey. From there, Jeff grew his expertise in paid search for a small agency—all the while, he was keeping an eye on Fluency. 

“In early 2021 Brian McVey reached out and asked if I wanted to connect,” said Jeff. At the time I was happy where I was, but McVey being the salesman he is, convinced me to join the Fluency team. Ultimately, Fluency was the perfect combination of things for me because it offered an opportunity to be part of a growing company that I could have an impact on and it aligned well with my past work experience on the legacy agency side.” 

One of Jeff’s responsibilities is working with our Products and Engineering teams to influence the direction of the platform. Because of his experience on the agency side—using other enterprise advertising platforms—he has a good idea of what end users of our products would like. Jeff also says he loves working with our team of engineers and product teams because they’re “so talented and much more technical than myself, so I am always learning a lot.” 

When asked about what the most interesting thing about Fluency was, Jeff quickly said “it’s the technology” hands down. “Seeing the different solutions our engineers come up with that solve problems that I ran into all the time working at a legacy ad agency is mind blowing. The tech is awesome and for the right client it is so powerful, it is very interesting to see how we take that tech and integrate with our partners.” 

Because of our 100% remote-first model, Jeff resides in Carbondale, Colorado and can be found enjoying the great outdoors via skiing, trail running, gravel biking, backpacking and the like. Fun fact, he was also once chased by a moose and it became a viral news story. From time to time we’ll hear a joke or two about it on our daily virtual call that we like the call F3. 

If you want to be part of a remote-first, fast-growing company, and work with really amazing people like Jeff, we invite you to browse our career page and apply for one of our open positions, today.