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3 Ways RPA Marketing Tools Increase ROI

Chances are your advertising business’s profitability is limited by time and labor costs. The digital advertising model is still dependent on manual labor: Teams burn-out after making thousands of updates across campaigns, and advertising budgets are occasionally mismanaged because people can’t be everywhere at once. But if you think about it, it’s crazy that your modern advertising business is still constrained by capacity, even after you’ve gone fully digital. After all, aren’t modern tools supposed to make work easier?

It makes sense that you’d look for an automated solution to help your team and increase ROI.

For advertisers who are serious about reaping the benefits of advertising at scale, it’s time to hunt down a more sophisticated automated solution. This category is where robotic process automation (RPA) lives.

We’ve put together a list of the three key ways RPA marketing directly boosts advertising ROI and sets businesses up for future strategic success as a result.

What is Robotic Processing Automation (RPA)?

Similar in some ways to AI, RPA overhauled white-collar industries by automating dull, time-consuming processes like data merging. Among its many financial benefits, it gives advertising teams time to be creative and adopt strategies that weren’t possible when their time and effort was consumed by the need to make manual updates.

Learn more about how RPA works and the specific, time-consuming advertising processes it eliminates in our latest blog.

How Does RPA for Advertising Work?

In short, RPA powered marketing makes advertising businesses smarter and move faster. The best of these tools aren’t just RPA tools applied to marketing, but are designed with advertising-specific features that enable easy advertising at scale and quickly generate ROI.

With an all-in-one, RPA-for-advertising platform, teams can manage advertising account data in one central location. RPA for advertising means that the platform’s features cater to advertising-specific needs that span channels. It can be customized to different sub-industries like automotive or real estate. RPA software evaluates changing data to make strategic real-time adjustments to ad accounts — think budget management, campaign updates and more.

Advertisers that have RPA marketing in their back pocket easily reduce labor costs and account spending errors.  Let’s dive into three of the biggest ways that RPA marketing generates ROI for advertisers.

1) Gain money in the margins

Ideally, advertisers manage account budgets so that 100% of a monthly budget is spent — not a penny less or a penny more. Your team knows how difficult this is to get right across thousands of accounts without automation.

Every penny that goes unspent means money left on the table for your business.  Say your tool or team spends 98% of your $20 million per month budget. You can’t gain revenue from the unspent 2% (or $400,000) — maybe your agency rate is 20%. That’s $80,000 -monthly- that could be in your pocket.

Multiply that across your thousands of accounts — what would it mean for RPA to save you these millions?

How do RPA for advertising tools ensure that you spend every penny in your advertising budget? They:

  • intelligently choose where and when to strategically spend individual account budgets
  • budget across channels to maximize potential and reach unique account goals
  • carry budgets across months to automatically pace spending
2) Reduce overspending

Underspending isn’t your only concern; you also know how easy it is to overspend. Suboptimal systems or human error don’t always stick to your spending limit.

When it comes to revenue, this means your business has to return credits back to clients with an apology for going over budget. This can take big chunks of profit out of your net gain and make month-to-month financial planning difficult.

An RPA advertising platform prevents overspending in the same way it prevents underspending as described above. You’ll hit nearly 100% utilization every time — without leaving money on the table.

And you won’t have to worry about any awkward conversations with your clients about over and underspending budgets. With happier clients, you’ll also gain ROI in the form of referrals and long-term relationships.

3) Minimize burnout & turnover, maximize strategy

With spending and account management optimized, you’ll unlock a new business model for advertising.

Before the pandemic, agencies had the second highest industry turnover rate — around 30%. It’s also estimated that marketers waste around 80% of their time on tasks that can be automated.

How do these figures connect? People grow frustrated with tedious management tasks that solutions like RPA platforms could handle. These employees struggle to contribute to the strategic or creative side of business when burdened by account emergencies.

In this case, ROI also applies to people. By using a better, fit-for-advertising automated solution, you can rewrite the agency turnover story.

What would it mean for hiring and onboarding resources to reduce that turnover percentage to the single digits?

What would it mean to shrink the amount of time wasted on manual tasks, and tap into the creative potential of your team for better long-term positioning in the market?

With RPA, you gain the ability to run an effective, profitable business while still providing best-in-class service because your ad budgets and strategies are automatically managed.RPA for advertising also means:

  • Smaller businesses can be more competitive because they can manage accounts with fewer high-churn employees.
  • You’re able to take on smaller clients with smaller budgets — something that wasn’t worth the effort before.
  • Nimble strategies, along with the ability to instantly update and pivot campaigns, can have a huge impact on your ROI.
If RPA for ROI sounds like a slogan your business can get behind, see this precise map of everywhere you save time and money with an RPA-powered advertising platform. Or, review the specific, time-consuming advertising processes RPA eliminates for your team in our latest blog.

As the only cross-tenant tool designed to automate ad account management via RPA, Fluency is here to help. No matter the industry, Fluency works with both agencies and in-house teams to achieve more, faster. Get in touch with our experts today.