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Wedgewood: Streamlined Resources, Maximized Results


Established in 1986, Wedgewood Weddings & Events has successfully hosted more than 500,000 events of all sizes and styles. Customers can choose contemporary, luxe, rustic, and boho venues from coast to coast, each neutrally styled to suit any event theme.

In 2019, the team began searching for an advertising tool that went beyond standard technology solutions to align with unique portfolio needs of budgeting and pacing. While it was possible to do all of this work manually, it was full of repetitive, time-consuming actions that would be more dependable when automated. The work required a multiagency team with internal support, plus intensive tracking, reporting and analysis.

When Covid-19 restrictions hit, it was clear we needed to pivot fast. Within 48 hours, we completely restructured our paid media campaigns using Fluency’s unique Blueprint functionality to reflect our adjusted budget and business needs. That type of restructure would have otherwise taken weeks to build, implement and QA properly. I firmly believe that if it were not for our quick action, we may not have been able to keep the advertising lights on during the worst of the pandemic.
Cassie Allinger
Senior Digital Director, Wedgewood Weddings & Events

What Happened?

With Fluency, Wedgewood Weddings & Events now uses a small team to meet venue and portfolio revenue goals. They can now develop and test new campaign strategies in a matter of hours, versus weeks or months. They can also ensure all campaigns and strategies are optimized to enhance the entire portfolio of venues—a historically challenging task given that each venue has unique volume, efficiency and frequency needs when it comes to lead generation.

To get the full story, download the case study here.

The Results

Reduction in cost per acquisition
Increase in appointments per location
Decrease in paid media operational costs