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Groundbreaking Solutions for the Whole (Multi)family

BH Management Services (BH) grew from a start-up firm in 1993 to the eighth largest multifamily management company (and the 22nd largest multifamily owner and operator) in the nation. The people-first real estate company is dedicated to acquiring, improving and managing apartment communities.

You cannot be in the digital advertising industry these days without embracing automation. You’ll either be replaced by technology or become the button pusher. And by leaning into technology earlier, you’ll save yourself time, energy, money, and maybe even some tears down the road. Fluency has been truly a delight to work with. They will take your feedback and concerns into consideration. It’s really the best sort of partnership you could ask for.
Ashlee Sanders
Manager of Digital Strategy at BH Management Services

Manually Keeping Pace with Ever-Changing Multi-Family Portfolios is Cumbersome 

The responsibilities of today’s multifamily digital marketing teams can add up quickly. With ever-changing portfolios, and numerous challenges—such as competing priorities, seasonal down time, and managing and promoting rent specials—completing these tasks can be cumbersome, especially if relying on manual processes.

BH’s goal was to move digital advertising in-house to reduce and remove costs. This might sound simple, but with 300+ properties that churn at a rate of 100 per year, BH needed a platform that could help them keep pace with their ever-changing portfolio. Making this leap—with a single in-house employee—presented workload challenges; BH knew they needed a solution that could help eliminate some of the tedious tasks digital advertisers in the multifamily management industry face. 

Faster-to-Market Advertising Strategies and Improved Quality with Automation

With Fluency’s Robotic Process Automation for Advertising (RPA4A) platform, BH is now able to focus on the strategy that’s best for each of their properties instead of spending time implementing those strategies. 

With Fluency RPA4A, BH is now faster to market, and has higher-quality ads that are more relevant to their prospects. Fluency's platform allows the team to leverage their own data to improve ad quality, easily including details that would be impossible for agencies using traditional methods to pull off, especially at scale. What’s more, Fluency can do this little to no lift because they’re now able to automate the majority of their business. 

While BH had other options to choose from, those wouldn’t have provided the same level of customization or flexibility they needed. If BH chose a third-party agency, for example, it wouldn’t have been possible for a single person to manage their accounts by adjusting bids, reviewing notifications and making recommendations for over 300 properties on a daily basis. With Fluency RPA4A, this isn’t just possible, it’s easy.

Thanks to RPA4A, BH has the ability to quickly shift budgets not just at the account level, but at the campaign and partner level. With Fluency, they can also focus on more trials and optimizations, such as Blueprint trials, which has allowed them to test out the performance of different channels on Google and quickly implement changes to the strategy based on the findings. As a bonus, automation also reduces the potential for human error—so they can ensure their campaigns are dialed in with their exact specifications.

Control, Flexibility, Cost, and Savings 

BH’s partnership with Fluency has allowed them to automate several important tasks required to run and optimize their ad campaigns across multiple channels. With this automation, they’re able to run their own advertising in-house and at scale. This gives them the ability to better utilize their internal data sources and provides them with the added control needed to build out the best strategies for their onsite teams.

“As a result, we’ve substantially reduced program costs, while improving measurement and reporting,” said Ashlee Sanders, Manager of Digital Strategy at BH Management. “Best of all, our performance has never been better, we’ve saved the organization an estimated $813k in costs alone, and we’ve lowered our average cost per guest card by 40% YoY.”

BH Management was also recognized by Search Engine Land with the 2022 “In-House Team of the Year - PPC” award for breaking the industry mold with an in-house solution and saving $500k in management fees. 

Partner with Fluency Today

BH and Fluency have been working together since 2020 and the partnership continues to thrive. “We’ve been able to build beyond a partnership and have strong, friendly and respectful relationships, making our weekly calls not only enjoyable, but something we look forward to,” said Sanders. “That paired with super communication and clearly laid out processes make it painless to launch new ideas, edit existing strategies, and deep dive into data. It doesn’t hurt that you are all wicked smart and we feel well supported!”

If you’re enticed by the benefits of automation and are looking for a partner to bring it to life in your organization, reach out to Fluency to see how you can take your business to the next level.

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