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Transforming Your World Beyond Ad Execution

Digital marketers are always looking to get more time back in their day. Manual tasks—such as organizing data for presentations, keeping up with accelerated API changes, and site tagging—can all too often sideline the strategic initiatives that can increase your organization’s competitive advantage.

Against that backdrop of burdensome taskwork, there’s no point in scaling ad execution and increasing the number of accounts per specialist. You can go from 40 to 1 to 80 to 1 and on to 100 to 1, but how are you going to handle monthly reports, site tagging and the other things you need to do? At Fluency, we know digital marketing isn’t just what happens on Google and Facebook—there’s lots of execution-driven tasks taking up your team’s time every month. With this time burden in mind, we focus on solving specific issues—such as ad execution at scale—with our unique Robotic Process Automation-enabled platform. 

While managing your ad campaigns is critical to business success, manual work is a thing of the past. Robotic Process Automation for Advertising (RPA4A) turns hours of work into seconds—ultimately transforming any digital advertising challenge into an opportunity. Here’s an introduction to three quick ways that we'll be telling you more about in the coming weeks.

Turn 40 Minutes Into Seconds with an Automated PowerPoint Builder

Did you know digital advertisers spend on average 50% of their time each month creating presentations to share with their clients? Imagine if you could turn the hours you spend each day into seconds. With Fluency’s Automated Deck Creation Feature, users can prepare a full deck with the previous month’s worth of performance at the click of a button. Additionally, Fluency has developed a solution that allows users to fully customize their deck templates. With this feature, teams can pull desired data without the need for additional engineering work.

Bi-Directional API and Support Offers the Best of Both Build AND Buy Scenarios

Struggling to keep up with the accelerated volume of API changes? Weighing whether you should build or buy? Fluency offers a flexible solution we refer to as bi-directional API, which offers the best of both the build and buy approaches. The benefits include unlimited access to our API and external platform data engagement—just to name a few. 

Simplify and Streamline Your Site Tagging Process 

Site tagging is commonly challenging and clunky. It’s also the foundation of success in digital marketing. To ensure your operations are set up for success, consider eliminating this elemental threat to your campaigns with Fluency’s platform and ultimately safely and accurately automate your site tagging needs at scale.

Fluency Can Automate Your Processes for Unlimited Business Potential 

Building presentations, managing API changes and site tagging can continue to take up valuable time—or you can automate your processes and start unlocking unlimited potential across your agency or enterprise. By automating mundane, but essential tasks, your team can transform the way they work each month and start prioritizing high-value work. Looking for a platform that mitigates mundane taskwork and helps take your business to the next level? Book a demo today