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The Fluency Five: Brian Sloan

A core part of working here at Fluency is the opportunity to make a profound impact on virtually every aspect of our business—regardless of location. Spanning across 17 states—and counting—we’ve built quite the dynamic team and we want you to get to know them. That’s why we’ve created The Fluency Five, a five question blog series about what makes our employees special and what they love about working here.  

Getting to know Brian Sloan: Senior Digital Advertising Strategist

1. What brought you to Fluency?: I learned about Fluency due to it being a company that was formed in the area I live (Burlington). I was excited to hear about what they were creating and the growth occurring.  

Many of the solutions they created with their advertising technology were things I knew would make my job more impactful as an advertising strategist. I knew it was an organization with a mission I could get behind. The final hook for me was when a friend of mine started working at Fluency. They had nothing but incredible things to say about the place, the people and the work that was happening there. I joined the team soon after!

2. What’s something interesting about what you do at Fluency?: One of the most interesting parts of my job here is being able to provide solutions to our clients. I love hearing about what a client is working on and being able to say “we can help with that”. It is a wonderful feeling to help someone find more time in their day by automating a time consuming task.

3. In your opinion, what is the most interesting thing about Fluency?: We work in a highly collaborative environment at Fluency. I feel safe to share my thoughts and ideas and I feel like my teammates do as well. This safe space to share ideas is one of the many things that makes this company great and contributes to the positive culture I feel here. I think it is unique to be able to have an incredible culture in a remote work environment where everyone feels valued.

4. Can you tell us something personal about you? I love living so close to the lake in Burlington. My favorite activity in the summer is getting out on my jetski and exploring Lake Champlain. You’ll find me there most sunny days after work!

5. What are you most looking forward to this year in your role and/or at the company?: I’m looking forward to the continued growth. The company is growing quickly and it is hard to not grow alongside it. The obstacles we come across turn into opportunities personally and professionally. I can't wait to see what the next year has in store.