A photo of Baptiste and his wife in Paris, in front of a famous tower.
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The Fluency Five: Baptiste Genestier

A core part of working here at Fluency is the opportunity to make a profound impact on virtually every aspect of our business—regardless of location. Spanning across 17 states—and counting—we’ve built quite the dynamic team and we want you to get to know them. That’s why we’ve created The Fluency Five, a five question blog series about what makes our employees special and what they love about working here.  

Getting to know Baptiste Genestier, Digital Advertising Strategist 

1. What brought you to Fluency? I'm originally from France, but my wife is from Vermont. After living in Paris for five years, we decided to return to my wife's home state. I had been working as a PPC specialist in my last job and was looking for a role in the same industry in Vermont. 

My wife had worked with some of Fluency's employees in the past and had heard great things about the company. When she saw a job offer from Fluency that exactly matched my skills and interests, she kindly recommended me, and I was contacted by the talent manager. Going through the interview process further motivated me to join Fluency, as it confirmed that the company culture was amazing and the people were so friendly. I'm extremely grateful to Fluency for giving me my first job outside of France.

2. What’s something interesting about what you do at Fluency? I'm managing customer accounts at Fluency, which allows me to be a big user of our software. What I love most about working in digital advertising is being able to have an impact on our customer's performance. Thanks to the automated processes and tools provided by Fluency's software, it's easy to make a positive difference. Our engineering team has done an amazing job in creating a great product.

3. In your opinion, what is the most interesting thing about Fluency? The most interesting thing about Fluency to me is the people. Even though it's my first experience working in a fully remote company, I feel closer to my coworkers than ever before. Everyone in the company is available and open to discussion, and we get to connect with each other through a daily video call. The company promotes transparency, so we are always up to date with what's going on in each department, and it's easy to give and receive feedback. All of these factors make the Fluency experience a truly unique and enjoyable one.

4. Can you tell us something personal about you? I have a passion for music and playing my electric guitar. I have performed at various bars and venues with my former band and have had the courage to sing the iconic song "Song 2" by Blur, even though I'm not the best singer!

5. What are you most looking forward to this year in your role and/or at the company? I'm looking forward to helping our team by providing my insights and feedback from my experience as an avid user of the software. I'm also really excited to meet more people as Fluency continues to grow.

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