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Scaling Performance Max Campaigns: A Guide to Successful Launch and Management

Google’s Performance Max (aka PMax to native ad strategist) is designed to simplify and enhance the process of online advertising—offering advertisers a more efficient way to reach their goals across various Google properties and networks. While this is a compelling value proposition, PMax has a unique set of features and requirements that can present challenges of scale and execution, even to experienced advertisers.

The following article highlights the top challenges experienced by advertisers across our network, key considerations in evaluating PMax for your business, and strategies for leveraging automation to scale your PMax campaigns.

The Unique Features and Requirements of PMax Present Challenges to Advertisers

The struggles users are experiencing are often a result of the unique features and requirements of Performance Max, as well as the complexities of digital advertising in general. Here are some of the reasons why digital advertisers may find it challenging to navigate Google's PMax:

  • Low levels of control
  • Difficulties analyzing the source of the data
  • Complexities with media assets
  • Performance measurement and ROI tracking 

Despite these potential challenges, it is important for all advertisers to have a thorough understanding of Performance Max given Google's dominance in the search space. Organizations who do not will expose themselves to risks including:

  • As Google continues to invest in Performance Max, what if it becomes a critical component of your strategy overnight? 
  • What if all of your customers called and asked you to set up a Performance Max campaign tomorrow? 
  • What if Google went the way of ETA to RSA and mandated it

Would your organization be ready? 

Leveraging Automation to Mitigate Performance Max Challenges and Maximize its Benefits

Adding up to 20 images or pieces of creative for one specific advertisement is one thing—doing this for thousands of accounts quickly creates an impractical assignment for your strategists; especially since there’s a variety of other aspects to their role to keep up with. 

Fortunately, it’s one of the many digital advertising work streams that advertisers can automate. 

A recent use-case from one of our partners highlights the importance of automation when implementing Performance Max. it would take them 15 to 30 minutes to assemble all creative assets, ad copy, apply campaign settings, etc. with a manual process. Now, it takes users less than a minute to build hundreds of campaigns. The result: thousands of hours saved and re-allocated to more strategic initiatives.

Should You Demand More of Your Ad Strategists, or Do You Automate? 

Google's Performance Max holds tremendous potential for businesses seeking to optimize their digital advertising efforts. However, mastering the platform's complexities, data management, budget optimization, and user understanding at scale is stealing valuable hours from your advertising team. 

What would you do if someone handed you thousands of hours back that was once allocated towards Performance Max? There’s the value Fluency provides. Connect with our team to see how your team can make Performance Max work with your business.