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The Deprecation of Expanded Text Ads

The Deprecation of Expanded Text Ads

If you haven’t already heard, Google announced it will sunset expanded text ads (ETAs) for all users starting June 30, 2022. This means businesses will no longer have the ability to create new ETAs or edit existing ones. Instead, Google is recommending users start to transition from ETAs to responsive search ads (RSAs).

If you’re an organization with a complex account structure or large volume of individual client accounts operating on manual processes, this update has the potential to create an exponential strain on your business as you’ll have to manually write RSAs and pause ETAs, and at massive scale.

What does Google’s sunset mean for your agency or enterprise?

Google recommends 2 ETAs and 1 RSAs per adgroup. So let’s just say you have 20,000 ad groups you need to rewrite ads for. If you’re relying on a manual process for transitioning to 1 RSAs per adgroup, you could find yourself in a position where you’re manually pausing 40,000 ETAs and writing as many as 20,000 ads to adapt to the new best practice. As you can see, this update is likely to take a serious hit to other priorities you have lined up for your business, such as managing your upcoming growth strategy and campaigns for Q3.

The harsh reality is–if you don’t have the capacity to manually write RSAs, your business will have static ads at the start of July. On the flip side, the implication of a manual process is that all of your people should technically pivot their focus to spend the majority–if not all–of their time writing and pausing ads if they aren’t already.

If you are a business owner that outsources advertising to an agency, we recommend that you connect with them to see what their RSA strategy is. If it’s manual, and the transition from ETA to RSA is not yet complete, it could be in your companies’ best interest to look into an automated solution, or to an agency that leverages automation tools, such as a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform.

In a vastly changing digital landscape, it’s important to understand that this sunset isn’t the first–nor will it be the last–change to shake your business. The more you can get ahead of these global changes–such as the deprecation of ETAs– with an automated solution, the less time you have to spend worrying about how to solve for them. The result? More time to focus on your competitive advantage and strategic campaign initiatives.

Relying on a Manual Process? Fluency Can Help.

If you’re wondering how to solve for the sunset of ETAs–we can help. In fact, the sunset of ETAs is a great transactional use case for where Fluency can create efficiencies within your business where you may currently be reliant on manual processes.

We’d Love to Get to Know You

For Fluency partners already leveraging our RPA advertising solution, we can help you simplify the transition from ETA to RSA at scale with a formulated strategy that doesn’t disrupt your business. Here’s how easy we make it: at the press of a button we can simply apply your strategy from 5 ads to 50 and then 50 to 100. Once you’re happy with your RSA strategy, it’s again just a simple press of a button to expand it globally.

Interested in learning more about how we turn complex challenges inherent in the digital landscape into opportunities? Get ahead of the ETA sunset and request a demo today.