Founders View: In The Groove

I have always been a builder. It doesn’t matter if it’s a bedroom remodel for the kids or software - the art of creating form and order to something by bringing together an idea, materials, and skill that result in something tangible is unbelievably satisfying.

I’m building something new now, and the risk/reward is bigger than any project I’ve undertaken. It’s also the most exciting and challenging opportunity I’ve sunk my teeth into. Together, with three others, we founded Fluency, and are looking to turn the digital advertising industry inside out with our big ambition and “nothing is impossible” approach.

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The key ingredients for building a company from scratch is pretty simple. You start with:

  • A great idea
  • An unmet need in the market
  • Talented people
  • Workspace
  • Money
And off you go…. Well, not quite. There’s a reason so many businesses fail; each of these “simple” line items is quite complex, and having all of them come together in the best possible way is rare.

Our founding team was fortunate to have worked together in a previous life, and all of us were successful in our respective positions. There are challenges we’re aware of, and some blind spots that we’re not, but they aren’t the same for each of us. We are knowledgeable in our space, but we'd be crazy to think any one of us knows it all. When the path isn't clear, I see this team band together, and as we feel around in the dark for the way through, we do it collaboratively.

Our diverse skill set allows us to put ego aside and truly trust in each other. And, we genuinely like each other and share a ton of laughs. I think if either the trust or the friendships (or humor) were lacking, this wouldn't gel.

I’ve learned that you can have the best idea in the world, but if you don’t have a solid group of people around you, the chances of success shrink dramatically.

Right now, my days are a blend of "total bliss and enjoyment" for my daily work, coupled with the energy and some anxiousness around finding success in the business landscape. Having a personal investment in Fluency creates a commitment to succeed like I’ve never known. I want to make my team, friends and family proud. I want to give clients something they need that helps them achieve new levels of success. I want to help build a company where people want to work. And while it’s early, I know we’re onto something big, and I couldn’t be more proud.