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How AI Can Complement Automation to Drive Success at Scale: Four Key Applications

As digital marketers continue to bring AI into their strategies, there are no shortages of potential use cases. However to drive real and sustained value from AI, it must be both controllable and scalable—two benefits that are enabled by automation. 

This "intelligent automation" approach is already in use by many top agencies, from ad copy generation to full on Google Ads automation, and offers up immense promise for those that are ready to embrace it. 

Across our community of enterprise-level agency partners, we are seeing AI and automation driving the most success across the following workstreams: execution, delivery optimization, analysis, and strategy. 

  1. Execution: Automation expedites campaign execution, while AI enables the development and testing of content at a rapid pace
  2. Delivery optimization: AI provides advertisers with the potential to create and experiment with content at an unprecedented pace. Coupling this with an automation platform allows the generation of adaptable, customized messages, which can be supervised by humans yet distributed to a large scale. This combined strategy of intelligent automation not only saves time but also guarantees accuracy.
  3. Analysis: Thanks to the capabilities of automation and AI, data analysis is now conducted at an unparalleled scale, fostering a profound understanding of performance metrics.
  4. Strategy: At the heart of successful advertising lies a well-crafted strategy. By integrating automation and AI, agencies can enhance their strategic planning capabilities for clients. The efficiencies gained from these technologies in execution, delivery, and analysis free up more resources for strategic planning, creating space for agencies to cultivate deeper relationships with clients. This not only boosts retention but also enhances the overall profitability of the agency. 

As organizations strive to execute increasingly sophisticated, data-driven ad campaigns across a growing array of channels, they will need to look to AI and automation to stay relevant. Together, the two technologies can emphasize an agency’s core strengths, help operational leaders and individual contributors alike reclaim valuable time, and significantly reshape the advertising industry as we know it.  

To go deeper on this topic, I recently had the opportunity to share insights on intelligent automation in AdAge, TechCrunch, and during a virtual session at the 2023 MarTech conference. Take a look below:

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Here at Fluency, we’re proud to be at the forefront of this shift. As the CPO, President and Co-Founder, I’ve personally witnessed how the combination of automation and AI not only unlocks groundbreaking efficiencies, but also enables agencies to prioritize strategic planning, consultative advice, and client relationships, ultimately driving better margins. 

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