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Fluency Employee Spotlight: Stefanie Hooper

Here at Fluency, we pride ourselves on our people. After all, without them, we wouldn’t be nearly as innovative, savvy, and resourceful–so we asked them: Why Fluency? More specifically, what makes our employees proud to work at Fluency and what keeps them going? 

Getting to Know Stefanie Hooper, Manager, Client Services

Meet Stefanie—or as our team knows her, Stef—one of our dedicated Client Services Leadership Team Managers. Stefanie has worked in digital advertising for the past decade and joined our team two years ago after experiencing the same patterns for far too long.

“After finding the same core issues exist at most organizations—employee burnout, poorly defined processes, low profit margins, and client churn—I wanted to be a part of an organization who is solving these issues, not reacting to them'' said Stef. “I’m fortunate enough to have made good connections over the years and was introduced to Fluency. I knew then that this was the place to be if I wanted to make impactful changes to the industry.”

When we asked Stefanie if she could name something interesting about her experience here at Fluency, she couldn’t name just one. “I get to lead an amazing team of Advertising Engineers who are absolute experts in their fields. I regularly join my management team in a ‘Book Club’ where we’re shaping what it means to work here at Fluency. As a passion project, I am working with our amazing Head of Talent, Michelle, on wellness programs and initiatives for our employees because I deeply care about protecting our greatest asset—our people—and advocating for their needs. Your path is your own here and that is incredibly special—it allows for us to produce our best and most meaningful work.”

At Fluency, there’s no box-checking or “rules” our employees need to follow and Stefanie lives and breathes that model every day. “We are an innovative team constantly re-thinking our product, challenging ourselves, and shaping our futures,” she explains. “We all share in the realization that we are a part of something incredibly big and important here at Fluency. We’re all contributing towards that shared vision.” 

Outside of work Stefanie is in the midst of a new season of life—motherhood. She enjoys spending lots of time with her daughter, Ember, her husband Cody and their cat Maelee, who Ember affectionately calls “Mae Mae.” They enjoy traveling together—yes, with a baby—and getting outside as much as possible. “We’ve lived all over the country over the past decade—from Boston to Portland and a few places in-between—and are looking forward to relocating to New York to be closer to my extended family,” she details. 

When Stefanie isn’t focused on her team or her family, she enjoys some much-deserved time by herself. She is big into interior design and nutrition, diving into a good book, and loves getting in some good daily movement: boxing, rowing, and long hikes are her go-tos.

Interested in joining Stefanie here at Fluency? Come and be part of our remote-first, fast-growing company. Browse our career page and apply for one of our open positions, today.