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Fluency Employee Spotlight: Roderick Cushing

Here at Fluency, we pride ourselves on our people. After all, without them, we wouldn’t be nearly as innovative, savvy and resourceful–so we asked them “why Fluency?” More specifically, what makes our employees proud to work at Fluency and what keeps them going.

Getting to know Roderick Cushing, Data Scientist 

Meet Roderick Cushing, our resident Data Scientist here at Fluency. Roderick is a Syracuse graduate where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology and his Master’s Degree in Data Processing. Originally from our home state here in the Green Mountains, Roderick is a born and raised Vermonter who recently moved out of his tried and true comfort zone to Hoboken, NJ for a change of scenery and to see what city living is all about. 

As a Data Scientist, Roderick is responsible for analyzing critical data and finding actionable insights that drive decision making processes. One recent example of his work was his collaboration on the Google OptiScore study earlier this year. If you’re not already familiar with the study, “it broadly found that applying optimization recommendations, and increasing an advertising account’s OptiScore, decreases cost per conversion and cost per click,” he says.

In addition to his passion for analyzing data, Roderick is inspired by the people he works with on a daily basis. “I would say the most interesting thing about Fluency is that everyone is a leader of sorts, and everyone adds to the overarching perspective that makes up our mission.” 

When Roderick is not immersed in data on his day-to-day, you can find him exploring his new city, making music and doing volunteer work. In Hoboken he volunteers with a youth program called TRUE Mentors. When he lived in Burlington, he volunteered at the King Street Center. Looking for a chance to collaborate with Roderick and the rest of the Fluency crew? We’re hiring! Browse our career page and apply for an open role, today.