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Fluency Employee Spotlight: Kayley Conti

Here at Fluency, we pride ourselves on our people. After all, without them, we wouldn’t be nearly as innovative, savvy and resourceful–so we asked them “why Fluency?” More specifically, what makes our employees proud to work at Fluency and what keeps them going.

Getting to know Kayley Conti, Advertising Engineer

Meet Kayley Conti, one of our Advertising Engineers here at Fluency. Kayley joined us earlier this year and is actually a two-time Fluency client! 

Most of Kayley’s career has been focused in the paid search space—managing many accounts and campaigns at scale—so she fits right in with our Fluency crew. “I started using the platform about three years ago and loved it so much that I led the charge of onboarding Fluency in my next role at a different company,” explained Kayley. “Then, I decided to take my experience to Fluency to help other companies scale and organize their advertising efforts.” 

When asked what makes her experience at Fluency unique, Kayley said: “I love that many of our teammates have been in the shoes of our clients. In past roles, many of us have managed a large volume of advertising accounts at fast-paced agencies so we truly understand the pain points of our clients first hand, which gives us a unique perspective to provide solutions.”

One of the things we pride ourselves on here at Fluency is our 100% remote-first model. Kayley noted despite being remote she appreciates how approachable and quick to help everyone is—regardless of where they’re located. “Starting at a new company remotely can be difficult, but Fluency's culture makes it easy to fit right in and contribute.” 

Because of our remote approach, Kayley resides in upstate New York after years of living on Long Island and NYC. In her free time, she enjoys exploring the farms, trails and always loves trying out a new restaurant. She can also usually be found watching the latest true crime documentary. 

If you want to be part of a remote-first, fast-growing company, we invite you to browse our career page and apply for one of our open positions, today.