A photo of Clinton in the mountains during winter.
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Fluency Employee Spotlight: Clinton Scott

Here at Fluency, we pride ourselves on our people. After all, without them, we wouldn’t be nearly as innovative, savvy and resourceful–so we asked them “why Fluency?” More specifically, what makes our employees proud to work at Fluency and what keeps them going.

Getting to know Clinton Scott, Business Development Director

Meet Clinton Scott: Clinton joined the team at Fluency in July 2021 after 6 years working for Google. He made the pivot from the tech tycoon to join Fluency for its laser focus on automating the mundane and improving the day-to-day for digital advertisers of all sizes. 

“I've had several roles in the digital advertising space in various company environments,” Clinton described. “Something that really stands out with Fluency is the level of transparency with product roadmap, progress with company-wide goals and so much more. Transparency helps to create an inclusive environment where each person can feel proud of their contributions, which sets a great tone for overall company culture.”

Another aspect of the job that motivates Clinton is being able to collaborate with other Fluency employees to help businesses overcome digital advertising pain points so they can grow and scale. “One of the most engaging and compelling parts of my role at Fluency is meeting new people and learning about their business challenges. Finding and applying solutions to those challenges with Fluency feels very rewarding and motivating!” 

Outside of work, you can find Clinton participating in quintessential Vermont activities, such as camping, skiing and hiking. Want to join Clinton and the rest of the crew at Fluency? We’re hiring! Browse our career page and apply for an open role, today.