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Are You a Work Glove or White Glove Agency? Why Your Organization Needs Automation to Deliver Exceptional Service

When you think of white glove service, what comes to mind? Do you think of the required drudge work associated with campaigns—like account launches and budget pacing—or do you think of in-depth conversations about business goals—and unique strategy work to match? While the former are essential components to your digital advertising, the latter is how you actually exceed your clients’ expectations. 

The truth is this: If your digital advertising team is currently consumed with tasks like account launches, budgeting, and monthly content changes—also known as ‘work glove’ activities—then they aren’t going to have time for the big picture stuff. This begs the question—if you’re operating with this ‘work glove’ mentality, what are you actually charging your clients for? Is it the headcount to keep pace with the increasing manual requirements of growing your business OR is it for the brains and passion of the people you work so hard to hire in the first place?

We were curious how others currently define ‘white glove service,’ so we asked a handful of digital advertisers in our network; here are a few of the responses we received.

“A tier of support that is unique, customized to the business, and understanding of their specific needs”

“High-communication, good performance storytelling and finding unique edge(s) for the end advertiser through smart strategy

“Going above and beyond to meet a client's needs and exceed their goals through proactive communication, and innovative ideas.”

“Extra attentive, welcoming and make you feel at-ease”

Can your organization reconcile any of these viewpoints with the level of service your digital advertising team is providing? If not, it might be time to start thinking about transforming your service model to not only meet, but exceed your clients’ expectations. 

How Automation Boosts Your Competitive Advantage 

If you want to go to market as a white glove agency—operating on the legacy model—then you need to employ a digital workforce that works for you for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to maintain the small, ‘work glove’ activities. Clearly, this isn’t a sustainable practice if you’re doing it on the backs of your team members. But what if you could bring on an automation partner, automate the repetitive—yet critical—tasks, and use the newfound time to deliver true ‘white glove’ service? In a typical agency, one human is capable of 25 changes in a 24-hour period. On the other end of the spectrum, one automated work glove is capable of 25,000 changes in one 24-hour period. In this current climate where automation is a viable solution, success can no longer be determined by volume. 15 changes a day, 50,000 changes a day, there's no comparison there. So what is the new level of value that's being driven? It’s up to you and your organization to decide. 

There’s a variety of different ways an automation-enabled solution like Fluency’s can handle the ‘work glove’ tasks so you can focus on finding unique edges for your customers’. Here’s a few:

Budget Optimization: Proper budget management can be the difference between good and great performance. Fluency’s platform includes underspend and overspend protections, dynamic reallocation across all channels, advanced pacing strategies, one-time budget adjustments, and budgets driven by data feeds.

Notifications: These aren’t your regular notifications. With our platform, customize which notifications you want to see, automatically accept recommendations on certain topics that you define, solve issues directly from the notifications tab through our Workshop Feature (without ever leaving the screen), and categorize notifications into levels of importance.

Launches: Launching accounts at scale has never been easier. With a dedicated launch tab, users can launch 1, 100 or 1,000 accounts. Users will also benefit from cross- channel launch capability, pre-launch checklist built-in, and a campaign staging area for final QA.

Do you want your people, taking one message and updating 500 ads or launching a handful of accounts in one single day. Or could you use automation to update 500 ads with one click of a button and launching thousands of accounts in an instance? Imagine the possibilities if you could have technology working for you. Where could you reposition your existing staff? 

Learn about the other areas where you can automate your business, here.

Fluency Can Transform Your Agency from ‘Work Glove’ to ‘White Glove’ 

Curious how others are reaping the benefits of automation and delivering ‘white glove’ service? Here’s what one of our partners had to say about adopting automation into their processes: “Fluency has allowed us to streamline and scale our ad deployment and management. We can deploy ads to large multi-location clients in minutes vs. days. This has allowed us to test more creatives, funnels, and landing pages and improve performance for our clients. We can also easily manage ad accounts across multiple locations and platforms. My team loves the notification-based ad management vs. generating reports and spreadsheets to review performance. And we saw a 30% improvement in performance within the first month of just switching over to notification-based management.” 

If you’re looking for an automation partner, or simply want to learn more about the power automation has to reposition your organization for the better, get in touch with our team today.