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In 2020, 90% of the Digital Advertising workload will be done by Robots

Nearly everyone has automated 10% of the management of their digital advertising portfolio. Before you go patting yourself on the back, pay attention to what has happened in the past 2 years. The tides have dramatically changed and there is now a race to automate 90% of digital advertising. If you think it isn’t possible, you need to question that thought. The winners are currently adopting this shift and the losers will be left behind unable to compete on price or performance.

No one person can manage Google Ads alone

Many of us here at Fluency have been in the digital advertising world for over a decade now and can remember the early days of using Google Adwords when it first launched. In comparison to today’s Google Ads, it was very simple. Select what keywords you wanted to advertise on, and place a bid. View your end results and iterate on the process to achieve the best results. Over time, this process has become more and more complex with Google expanding on how we can target searchers, and for many organizations, the manual approach to advertising remained. Companies believe that their operations are working and approach their Google ad strategy by making manual and incremental tweaks, edits and updates. These companies will operate at this pace and see some marginal gains and think they are on track and their strategy is validated. But within an ever-changing technology world, practices like this are not only outdated but unsustainable. Larry Page, CEO of Alphabet, agrees:

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