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Automate Optimization Score at the MCC Level by Vertical and Client

We recently published an article explaining the benefits of maintaining Optimization Score recommendations for your accounts, and how Fluency can help identify accounts in need of improvement at scale. A reminder that, "Advertisers who increased their account-level optimization score by 10 points saw a 10% increase in conversions", says Google. In our second installment on Fluency's Google Optimization series, we will demonstrate how Fluency partners can set rules at the MCC level to improve their portfolio at scale.

As Google continues to improve performance by leveraging Optimization Score, Fluency is committed to ensuring our partners can automate these improvements at scale. As of today, Fluency partners can select Optimization Score recommendations at the MCC level and universally 'accept' or 'reject' by client labels. Adding the client label element allows Fluency partners to ensure that where certain optimization scores should be accepted for certain client types and not others, automation at massive scale is still possible.

Andy MacLeay Joins Fluency as Director of Growth Strategy

Since 2020 is not nearly exciting enough! I have decided to add some more personally and professionally.

I will be joining the @Fluency team starting in August! I have been blessed throughout my career with wild rides on a couple rocket ships…but this opportunity, more than anything, is the one I am most excited about. WHY? Digital marketing is my home-turf; and the possibility to change the way enterprises will utilize automation to augment how their marketing teams communicate their brands and products is way too enticing for me. This is the absolute critical time to be taking advantage of automation as a core tenet of effective advertising. Google is out there actively messaging that the significant bulk of marketer’s time (80% to be exact) is consumed by tasks that are better served by automated, Facebook is offering similar advice. I really believe we are on the brink of a marketing revolution, just like the agricultural revolution; the change to farming at scale, allowing hunter gatherers that had to manually block-and-tackle each day of their existence to concentrate on things like - art and science. Automation is going to allow marketers to refocus on the art and science of promoting their brand and products again, instead of the incurring costs of more tactical tasks that Fluency can help automate.

How to Leverage Google's Optimization Score at Massive Scale

In May of this year Google released access to their new Optimization Score data within their API. Fluency Engineers took full advantage, making Fluency one of the first platforms to fully integrate and utilize this data point within our Platform.

The Optimization Score is available within Fluency from both the Account and campaign level (relevant to Google Search ads and Shopping ads). The score indicates the associated percentage passed back from Google based on certain AI recommendations; a value between that of 0 and 100%. As your account Optimization Score approaches 100%, Google believes your account structure is approaching their best practices. Google will give you suggestions along the path to improve your score, therefore bringing your account closer to their designated optimal state. These AI recommendations are easy to follow in Fluency and for those who are familiar with the platform know the ease/functionality behind accepting AI recommendations at mass within the tool!

Remote Working for Digital Marketing Teams

There has been a sudden surgence in remote workers due to state mandates to work from home if possible. This is a new experience for many employees and with this comes the management of remote workers. With 3.2% of US workers previously working remotely at least half the time and the potential for roughly one-third of US workers to enter the remote workforce, there are going to have to be adjustments made to how companies are operating. There are several areas that businesses should focus on to be successful: communication, employees needs for remote work, and remote work focused software.

5 Ways to Manage Business Through a Pandemic

With updates flying in every minute, The COVID-19 pandemic is spreading rapidly. As the situation changes, many businesses are unsure of what steps to take to mitigate risk, protect employees and support customers. At Fluency, your business and your clients are extremely important to us. We’ve put together a list of 5 ways you and your business can manage your safety while supporting your clients.

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