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3 Strategic Advantages of Automated Facebook Ads

When you buy something online today, you want a breadth of options. Yet, you also want to trust that what you’re buying is good quality, on trend or simply enjoyed by your friends, too.

This growing e-commerce need for widespread offers and focused personalization is capitalized on by Facebook advertising. A global network of sellers — think Instagram or Marketplace — is linked to individuals’ social groups and peer reviewers. It’s clear Facebook’s universe has huge potential for advertisers to strategically attract and move with customers.

Yet, your advertising team has probably experienced firsthand how difficult it is to stay on top of Facebook campaigns. Budget management and strategic updates take time and are difficult to scale without the help of an automation platform.

Read on to learn the three main strategies unlocked by automated Facebook ads, and position your business to better capitalize on timely trends and advertising advancements.

1. Streamline budget & campaign management

While Facebook is important to advertising, chances are your team’s strategy includes Google and other channels too. It’s difficult to transfer campaign details and budgets between Facebook campaigns, much less channels, and to keep an eye on overall spend and strategy.

Decentralized spending and strategy on multiple channels can mean client budgets are over- or under-spent, which can have an adverse affect on business retention.

With an ad automation platform campaign, themes can be precisely replicated across channels like Facebook, Google and within Facebook itself. The technology works to automatically:

  • Prevent over and under-spending
  • Make strategic campaign recommendations
  • Duplicate campaign details or small adjustments — without the hours spent on manual tasks.
  • Make asset upload and replication instantaneous and easy

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2. Tap into local & collaborative advertising

It’s no secret that more and more businesses are interested in going local with their advertising efforts.There’s power in targeting consumers with personal, localized ads — like a certain beverage being available at your corner convenience store, for instance.

In addition to local advertising, Facebook is also becoming the place for collaborative advertising. In this example, the beverage brand may strike a deal with the convenience store brand to advertise together and drive purchases that are mutually beneficial.

Both local and collaborative advertising are possible with Facebook and hold huge potential for profit. Yet, it’s difficult to do at scale for thousands of customers and their locations. It’s even harder to pivot day to day with changing offers.

By powering automated Facebook ads, an advertising automation platform allows campaign managers to:

  • Create collaborative budgeting strategies by automating the day-to-day budgeting
  • Launch sophisticated strategies or simple promotions for thousands of locations
  • Analyze and report performance insights across your portfolio

In addition to capacity and agility, automation for Facebook unlocks a new set of strategies designed to move with shifting audiences and new possibilities in social advertising. With automation, your business can stay nimble and maximize digital dollars for you and customers alike.

3. Test strategic updates at scale

Facebook campaign management is still almost one-to-one; it means your team expends time and talent on even the smallest of updates. It can be nearly impossible to do any account management changes — let alone A/B testing — at scale.

In this model, updates can take months. This can hurt efforts to keep up with Facebook ad updates that need to be tested and deployed quickly.

   With an automated solution, ad account managers can lean on one tool to expedite a batch of experiments and control changes instantly. This means:

  • Facebook settings can be cloned to different accounts once their value is proven
  • Campaigns or ad groups can be altered without having to relaunch accounts
  • Talent is freed up to generate to focus on strategic tasks
  • Businesses can start proactive strategies for better results for clients and company alike
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