Andy MacLeay Joins Fluency as Director of Growth Strategy
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Andy MacLeay Joins Fluency as Director of Growth Strategy

Since 2020 is not nearly exciting enough! I have decided to add some more personally and professionally.

I will be joining the @Fluency team starting in August! I have been blessed throughout my career with wild rides on a couple rocket ships…but this opportunity, more than anything, is the one I am most excited about. WHY? Digital marketing is my home-turf; and the possibility to change the way enterprises will utilize automation to augment how their marketing teams communicate their brands and products is way too enticing for me. This is the absolute critical time to be taking advantage of automation as a core tenet of effective advertising. Google is out there actively messaging that the significant bulk of marketer’s time (80% to be exact) is consumed by tasks that are better served by automation, Facebook is offering similar advice. I really believe we are on the brink of a marketing revolution, just like the agricultural revolution; the change to farming at scale, allowing hunter gatherers that had to manually block-and-tackle each day of their existence to concentrate on things like - art and science. Automation is going to allow marketers to refocus on the art and science of promoting their brand and products again, instead of the incurring costs of more tactical tasks that Fluency can help automate.

SKAGs made easy

All of that is all good, right? Well, I also should tell you this team is, without a doubt the most: brilliant, fun, and driven teams I have ever worked with in the digital advertising space. Many of these folks have already changed how automotive marketers globally evolved to meet their customers online years ago …this new team is going to change how the world will blend business efficiency through the automation of literally any data set to drive communication for advertisers.

Quick story – before we all left the office environment for 2020 weirdness, and as I was working from home on a number of projects, I would literally poach a desk in the @Fluency office in Burlington, VT just so I could hang and be around these smart people. @Fluency team members who didn’t know me would look over and (probably) whisper “who’s the random dude at the empty desk?” I was likely looked at like the red-stapler-guy from OfficeSpace, but without the arsonist tendencies. I was determined to get on the team, because I know this team and this platform will be successful. Thankfully the team, most of whom I love like family, relented and gave me the opportunity to join.

I hope to help the @Fluency team keep rolling in the successes they have already built over the last 3 years, by ramping up to be their Director of Growth Strategy. In a young-business environment all the job title means is I get to wear 50 hats like everyone else at the company, but also be out there helping people understand what @Fluency can do to relieve some of their marketing burden, specifically in a time when teams are working so hard to gain back the control that 2020 may have shaken for them. So, if you have questions about what advertising automation is, or how we are already powering some of the largest clients in their respective verticals, reach out …and even if you don’t quite know yet, I might just come poach a virtual-desk at your place and chat with you anyway!

Hang on, this is going to be a fun one.