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The Fluency Five: Taylor Pratt-Houle

A core part of working here at Fluency is the opportunity to make a profound impact on virtually every aspect of our business—regardless of location. Spanning across 17 states—and counting—we’ve built quite the dynamic team and we want you to get to know them. That’s why we’ve created The Fluency Five, a five question blog series about what makes our employees special and what they love about working here.  

Getting to know Taylor Pratt-Houle: Advertising Architect, Enterprise 

1. What brought you to Fluency?: The people; I was brought in by some incredibly intelligent and hard working individuals and was honored to be included. At the time when I joined I was also dead set on being a part of a smaller team, and the timing worked out really well that I got to experience that for the first time ever.

2. What’s something interesting about what you do at Fluency?: My favorite (and most interesting) part of my job is finding solutions; no matter how big or small, to be able to find a solution that wasn't present before is such a gratifying element of the work I do here. I also enjoy finding patterns in what appears to be chaos. Digging through endless amounts of data to tell a story can be a very satisfying venture as well (think of a needle in a haystack).

3. In your opinion, what is the most interesting thing about Fluency?: Our collective drive to build something stronger and smarter by constantly adapting. There's a lot of moving parts in the industry we support, and I think that our badge of honor is our ability to adjust quickly to changing conditions, which is only possible because of the intellect and hard work of those within our organization who are willing to go the extra mile to push boundaries.

4. Can you tell us something personal about you?: I love cooking! I could spend my entire life in the kitchen, trying new recipes, perfecting old recipes, adding spice, cooking for others, it never gets old! My most prized possessions are my cast iron pans and my knives! 

5. What are you most looking forward to this year in your role and/or at the company?: The ever changing environment that we are all a part of makes the banality of a job far more exciting and dynamic. I look forward to seeing and being a small part of the next iteration of what we're building!