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Take the Drag Out of Site Tagging

How much time and focus do you spend on site tagging? If you run an ad agency but haven’t asked yourself this question, it’s time to dig in. Fluency’s automated site tagging feature enables businesses to streamline a once-tedious process of measuring advertising performance of web sites at scale.. Here’s how it works—and why it’s crucial if you want to grow efficiently.

The Problem: Manual Tasks Create Parasitic Drag 

At Fluency, many of our agency partners do not own or operate the sites their clients use. Still, agencies must implement site tagging to measure the efficacy of their advertising efforts. Adding site tags the traditional way—meaning manually—requires a lot of work. This includes identifying the right people and manual scripting required for each account. 

This comes with risks for your agency. If not executed efficiently or correctly, manual site tagging can cause launch and reporting delays.

The result? A messy, time-consuming process.

The Solution: Automated Site Tagging

“Stop the point and click, live like a marketer, and focus on strategy.” - Eric Mayhew, President and Chief Product Officer at Fluency

Fluency’s automated site tagging is here to change your life. Fluency gives you a singular tag—called a tag container—that you can use to measure advertising across sites. This tag is generic and doesn’t require unique keys, so it’s a singular process that tremendously simplifies site instrumentation across many sites.

The tag container is purpose driven, meaning it doesn’t bundle unnecessary tag scripts and only focuses on the ones you’re advertising for. This allows you to control:

  • What events fire
  • How those events fire
  • What metadata you get in the process

By using the site tagging feature, you can automatically bootstrap your ad tracker tag, grow and shrink your ad networks, control web page elements and conversion actions, run your DOM scanner for site security, and more.

Once Fluency Streamlines Your Site Tagging, Imagine What’s Next?

Fluency’s automated site tagging offers an incredibly fast and simple way to eliminate the manual requirements of adding scripts to hundreds or thousands of advertiser web sites. Plus, as you add new networks or advertising channels, you can avoid having to reach out to individual site owners to request changes.

For the Fluency team, doing a job well means saving time. Fluency President and Chief Product Officer Eric Mayhew says, “If we’ve done our job well, we’ve dramatically reduced the amount of labor required to execute digital advertising at scale.”

As Mayhew says, “When we can save you time in the tedium, it’s still your way, not our way. You can do the interesting work.” 

As for what that interesting work is, that’s entirely up to you. But one thing is for certain: Using that time you save on site tagging can make a world of difference for your agency. Replacing the time spent on manual site tagging with strategic work can help you scale and better serve your customers.