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SMX Advanced: A Journey Through Fluency, Transitioning AI to IA, Activating Intelligent Automation.

In an age where there’s a lot of well deserved hype around AI and its potential impact to digital marketers, it’s still the job of the people and not the computers to connect business needs to advertising strategy. Fluency co-founder, President and Chief Product Officer, Eric Mayhew and Fluency co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer, Brian McVey will share how Fluency became a leader in releasing practical tools powered by ChatGPT and other AI-enhanced features with a demo of their advertising tech automation platform in an exclusive lunch and learn at SMX Advanced.In the demo, Eric and Brian take a deep dive into the best tools that make it easy to apply personalized automations, intelligently, like these ones from Fluency:

- Notifications

- Budgeting

- Muse, Fluency's ChatGPT enhanced tool

- Blueprints

Watch the replay on YouTube and let us know what you think in the comments.