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Labor, Limitations, and Automation: A View into Digital Advertising in 2022

As your marketing and advertising teams forge into 2022, it’s important to be aware of industry trends that will impact your advertising strategies and goals — and how smarter tools can help.

Here’s what you should know:

  • Automation—specifically Robotic Process Automation—will be key to unlocking scale and growth
  • Automation can help test and optimize Google and Facebook platform changes
  • A more competitive labor market presents challenges to scaling business

Winning By Automating More Intentionally

Approaching processes more intelligently is becoming the norm across sectors, with businesses seeking to automate bottom-line derivative, albeit repetitive, tasks. Marketing is one such field where automation is poised to impact business’ revenue goals exponentially in 2022 and the coming years.

When it comes to marketing-specific solutions, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tools are a landscape shift. With the help of RPA, marketers are leveraging smart capabilities to address repeatable and lower value tasks across all of their portfolio. Technological development continues to enable enterprise businesses to increase their management of complex automations, expanding to include less rule-based tasks to more strategic automation.

Beyond 2022, RPA marketing tools will broaden their scope to more intelligent automation with data sources of less structure and more analysis of the highest value automations.

For now, here’s how RPA can work across processes in your business to help you realize and exceed ambitious goals in 2022.

Platform Changes

Platform giants like Facebook and Google continually roll out new features, fixes, and upgrades. Testing new platform features for platform compliance is important to ensure they function as intended, safeguarding your budgets before rolling out new features to all of your accounts without measured success.

Robotic Process Automation for Advertising (RPA4A)—can help. RPA4A automates ad updates instantly across all accounts, making it well-positioned to test platform changes on small sets of ads before introducing large-scale implementation to all of your accounts and cross-channel campaigns.

This works in reverse, too. In addition to preemptive testing, RPA4A interfaces with your business’ platforms and patterns to give you control of retroactive, corrective changes at scale.

RPA’s Impact on the Labor Factors Limiting Agency and Business Growth

Today, employees are commanding even higher salaries than they were in 2021. They are also seeking more engaging work and a better quality of life, which many will find in positions (and even fields) other than the ones they have now. That’s leading to even higher turnover rates than the 30% they saw last year. On top of those considerations, Google notes that digital marketers were wasting approximately 80% of their time on repetitive tasks that could be automated.

RPA for Advertising can address all of these issues. By automating mundane processes, you free up your team members to flex their creative muscles and exercise their talent on higher value work, while the company’s overall productivity goes up. Where they get returns on the happiness index, your business gains money in the margins.

These benefits aren’t specific to large agencies, either. Smaller businesses can be more competitive because they can manage more accounts with fewer high-value—yet high-churn—employees. They’re also able to efficiently and profitably take on smaller clients with smaller budgets — something that wasn’t worth the effort before. Nimble strategies, along with the ability to instantly update and pivot campaigns, can have a significant impact on ROI.

Read this guide to learn how utilizing an RPA marketing tool saves your team time and money.

Take Back Your Time in 2022

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Go deep on the subject of time—what you're losing, what you could be saving, and the real results some of our clients have realized when they start gaining it back with the help of smarter solutions.