Automated Digital Advertising Solutions for Unprecedented Times

Businesses large and small, and across verticals, are facing unparalleled challenges - and lower margins - as a result of today’s uncertain economic climate. The need for prescient, creative solutions to your ongoing digital advertising strategies has never been more apparent. Businesses that are able to adapt quickly to changing consumer behavior are well suited to thrive in these unpredictable times.

Here are some of the major considerations currently hitting executives and marketing teams looking to gain a competitive advantage:


Let’s face it, in times of economic uncertainty, difficult decisions are required. And for agencies and in-house advertisers with relatively small budgets, bloated teams are a huge expense.

Advertising automation platforms like Fluency help businesses gain much needed margin by allowing a small number of analysts to manage hundreds or thousands of accounts.


Whether your digital advertising is set up to initiate visits to your business locations, drive online sales, or schedule a service, you’re likely rethinking the language you’ll need to use to best support those initiatives.

Automation can unlock the ability to update creative messaging across your entire portfolio, in seconds. While your competitors are having conversations around the value of allocating resources to the painstaking task of updating creative across hundreds (or thousands) of accounts, an automated solution will already have the job done.


Effective advertisers understand the value of being able to adjust their strategy to meet the current moment. Those who don’t pivot quickly run the risk of falling behind or, worse, wasting money and resources on reactive tactics.

The current climate requires the ability to shift strategies quickly. For example, if you were previously using store visit conversions as your primary KPI, but your brick-and-mortar locations have temporarily closed their doors, changing your bid strategies to focus on website conversions at scale can dramatically improve your advertising efficiency.


With large portfolios, it’s cumbersome to optimize campaign budget allocation within each account. But leaving dollars on the table due to poor allocation strategies or a lack of resources is damaging to both advertisers and the agencies that support them.

Automated campaign budget reallocation and pacing mitigation can ensure your most effective campaigns are sufficiently funded, while also ensuring optimal budget pacing for your accounts. How confident are you right now that your digital advertising dollars are being spent in your most efficient, conversion-driving campaigns?


In especially lean times, you don’t want to waste a penny on the wrong audience. Critically, you’ll want to ensure that your advertising is being seen by the right sets of eyeballs.

Let’s say you have multiple business locations within just a few miles of each other. You’ll want to make sure your customers are only seeing advertising for the location closest to them. To accomplish this, you’ll need a platform that leverages sophisticated geo-targeting methods that minimize the probability of competing against yourself, ensuring an optimal customer experience, while keeping your cost-per-click as low as possible.

Are you ready to dramatically improve the efficiency of your advertising management and operations?

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