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Automation, Customization, and Scalability: An Introduction to Fluency Blueprints

Low and no-code automated ad management is increasingly critical for any advertiser seeking to scale their delivery while maintaining uniqueness and customization. This growing need is especially acute for single or multi verticalized agencies as well as in-house teams  who serve multi-location franchises.

That challenge led our team to build our “Blueprints” product into the core of our advertising management platform. And the growing demand for custom automation at scale is why we wanted to offer a deeper dive into the core features and benefits of this solution. 

Ad management that balances automation with customization at scale

At its core, Blueprints serves two critical purposes. First, it automates all your critical ad account and campaign functions –  think account creation and account launches – enabling your team to scale its efforts to a near infinite degree. Second, it allows you to better leverage and activate your data – including of your product/offering details, category insights, in-market signals, audience needs, and contextually relevant variables like weather/seasonal changes or geographic considerations and more.

Digital advertising success is fueled by this data, which exists throughout account and campaign lifecycles, from initial data ingestion through refinement and customization, all the way to receiving market signals and adjusting campaigns in real time. Blueprints puts this data to immediate use, no matter what form or volume it exists in, by  automating a full range of workflows, including:

  • Account Launches
  • Account and Campaign Creation
  • Budget Configuration and Pacing Strategies
  • Ad Group Settings and Configuration
  • Landing Page URLs
  • Ad Schedules
  • Audiences
  • Extensions
  • Geo targeting Strategies
  • Negative Keywords
  • Channel Allocations
  • Bid Adjustments
  • Campaign management

Providing key benefits at every level of the organization

The power of automation, when applied across each of these key advertising operational workstreams, benefits ad operations teams at every level and unlocks new possibilities to improve both advertising performance and team potential.

Eliminating staff burnout and errors

Thanks to rapid advances in the opportunity to serve relevant content to audiences both massive and niche on channels from Google, Meta, and Microsoft, the wants of advertisers have often outpaced the abilities of the teams tasked with serving them. Manual content management is inefficient, repetitive, and error prone - and it often leads to employee burnout and churn. Blueprints eliminates these issues, expanding your team’s tactical abilities while creating real space for their strategic strengths to shine. In addition to increasing the number of accounts and campaigns your teams can easily and quickly maintain, it allows them to run campaigns of massively greater sophistication. 

Ensuring compliance

Blueprints also make it easy to steer clear of compliance issues and regulations - a benefit critical to anyone running campaigns with necessary restrictions. In doing to, it helps maintain (and even increase) margins that would otherwise have been lower, at risk—or even vaporized—because of the limitations inherent in tools that require more manual (and inherently error-prone) work.

Decoupling account volume from headcount requirements

Because Blueprints is powered by Fluency’s groundbreaking Robotic Process Automation for Advertising (RPA4A) platform, it is highly scalable, and allows for the ability to automate virtually  any number of campaigns.  individual strategists to launch, execute, and manage virtually any number of campaigns.  

Empowering customization at scale 

Blueprints is built from the ground up to be infinitely customizable, capturing and activating an unlimited number of data points and messaging components.  This flexibility - powered by the product’s ability to ingest and implement relevant combinations of data – stretches from account set up through every stage of a campaign’s management, giving you the ability to both fully realize your strategic goals and adapt to new changes and opportunities.

Powering a wide channel mix

Blueprints’ approach to advertising channels is holistic and proactive. It gives you the option of easily and instantly leveraging your campaign logic and automating its results across multiple channels (including Google, Meta, and Microsoft) and campaign types (from common formats like search, social and display, all the way to unique properties like Performance Max, Instagram, and Automotive Inventory Ads.) It also stays ahead of changes that often catch other software providers (and you and your clients) off guard by, like API updates.

As a tool built both philosophically and practically to address questions of incredible complexity, Fluency Blueprints opens up transformative opportunities for scale and account success. It will remain a cornerstone of our RPA4A platform. For more detail, check out the video below or reach out today for a personal consultation about your needs.