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Our blog explores the challenges and opportunities that exist while growing and scaling a digital advertising business.

Understanding Facebook Learning Phase

At Fluency Engineering, scalability through ad automation is one of our core principles. Our tools enable advertisers to launch and manage strategies across their entire portfolio. But when you’re the strategist managing hundreds of accounts, how do you make sure it all runs smoothly? Fluency’s Notifications and Anomalies point out edge-case scenarios that can be affecting your portfolio. We recently added a new notification to identify a problem faced by many Facebook marketers, Extended Learning Phase.

The Value of Eliminating Low Value Work

Fluency is a data-driven automation platform for digital advertising. Some of the largest agencies and in-house marketing teams in their respective industries - from Automotive to Flooring - have selected Fluency to power their business.

On sales calls when we talk about Fluency’s impact on our partners, our President likes to joke, “What if your top SEM/Social Specialist had an extra set of hands?” followed by, “What if that same person had an extra thousand sets of hands?”

One of the most powerful elements of our platform is that we do not provide opinionated automation that enables scale with ‘Fluency’s idea of what good looks like’ … We enable our partners to leverage their data and unlock their very best and most granular decision making, at scale. The impact that we have on our partners business is dramatic as described to the CEO at an enterprise digital marketing company:

Union Street Media - Case Study

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