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Fluency’s Google Optimization Score (OptiScore) Study

Since Google released its optimization score (aka OptiScore) back in 2019, the company has touted its usefulness as a quantifiable tool to help digital marketers improve their ad campaigns. In January of this year, Google stated there was a clear connection between increasing your OptiScore and improving your cost per click, cost per conversion, and other key metrics.

Given the strength of these claims—and the amount of debate OptiScore’s perceived value inspires in the digital advertising space—we wanted to see how they stood up to independent scrutiny; would OptiScore increases provide our clients with noticeable gains? Through Fluency’s Google OptiScore study, we’re providing clients and the industry at large with a dataset that tests and confirms outcomes and best practices for Google OptiScore.

The study includes a variety of key takeaways, including:

  • Accounts that increased their OptiScore by at least 10 points decreased their cost per conversion by a median of 12% over an 1-month period.
  • Total conversions increased a median of 10% under the same conditions.

Our independent study confirmed that prioritizing your Google OptiScore does make a difference, and certain best practices can help you increase your score.

Download the study now and look for more on our OptiScore deep dive soon.