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Union Street Media is a top real estate digital marketing firm, providing high performing websites and custom digital marketing solutions for brokerages, agents and teams. Union Street Media’s digital strategies are tailored to each client’s unique business goals and cover everything from search engine marketing and custom content creation to advertising campaign management across all major platforms and high-performing IDX integrated websites. Founded in 1999, Union Street Media connects real estate professionals to their clients through personalized guidance and innovation, with customer satisfaction among the highest of any tech firm.

As a tight-knit group of talented individuals with a passion to be real estate's most trusted digital marketing company, Union Street Media prioritizes real and genuine relationships with our clients. Marketing automation tools like Fluency enable us to spend more time on our highest value work - developing highly customized, effective digital marketing strategies for our clients and advising them on all aspects of how to grow their business. With Fluency, we can quickly identify what's working and what isn't so we can deliver phenomenal results to our clients.
Rachel Allard
SVP Strategy, Union Street Media

Ecosystem Overview | Trends for 2020

2020 offered challenges for many businesses, including emerging technology companies, but there have been some significant standouts where increased investments have been made. Property technology, or “PropTech”, is an area that has seen growth and rapid change as people rethink where they live and work, and this new untethered lifestyle has prompted a new way of leveraging technology to help them launch new lifestyles safely and securely.

Realtors have been at the forefront as consumers are looking to open up new markets to remote workers that were previously impractical or out of reach. Changing where people live and work, either permanently or through new concepts like: Space as a Service, or alternative living arrangements are helping to push this growing segment forward. Helping realtors reach out to the right clients at the right time to capitalize on the increasing interest in a new real estate reality has become critical for the industry.

Where Fluency Helped

Union Street Media anticipated the need to maintain their strong customer service and marketing performance as they grew. To do this, Union Street Media sought solutions to automate standard, repeatable tasks. Their goal was to increase time spent developing, implementing, and optimizing innovative, next level marketing strategies to stay ahead of the curve as they grew. Long trusted as strategic advisors to their clients, Union Street Media’s success comes from being able to grow with their clients, and bring new solutions to market. Fluency was the perfect partner to help them achieve their goals.

Union Street Media utilized several of Fluency’s core functions, including:

Fluency Blueprints - to apply tailored, strategic campaign structures to accounts, customizing keywords and creative at scale and per account

Automated budget reallocation - campaign budgets are automatically shifted to the most efficient, lead-driving campaigns, ensuring that ad dollars are spent on the campaigns with the highest return, and that campaigns spend their budgets in full

Performance optimization - the ability to execute account changes (based on performance) quickly, and at scale

Data & Performance

In a matter of months, Union Street Media’s new strategy, in partnership with Fluency, had led to vertical-leading performance across their portfolio. Paid search performance exceeds the industry average across all key performance indicators, and they’re just getting started.


The ability to manage advertising campaigns across multiple accounts using Fluency’s Blueprints and managed services, while continuing to seamlessly integrate Union Street Media’s proprietary data and 3rd party data, allowed Union Street Media to focus on ad strategies that radically outperformed industry benchmarks, and accelerate growth, even amid one of the most economically challenging time-periods in a generation.

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