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A Transformational Force for Digital Advertising


Force Marketing is one of the nation's leading providers of technology-enabled, data-driven marketing services for automotive clients. Through their products and services, they’re delivering on their mission to transform the brand-to-consumer buying experience.

Vehicle Ads Enhance the Dealer to Customer Experience 

Vehicle Ads allow dealers to display their current inventory and promote specific information such as available make, model, features, and more. Any company that sells automotive or power sports vehicles can use this type of campaign to reach buyers more easily. 

Force Marketing has always prioritized offering innovative strategies that evolve the dealer-to-customer experience—and supporting Vehicle Ads is a prime example of that. While the team aimed to support this lower funnel ad format in early 2022, they faced immediate challenges as they were already consumed with other initiatives and competing priorities. In addition to their internal development team’s limited bandwidth, the Vehicle Ads product was so new that even Google was still trying to streamline onboarding and troubleshooting. This further complicated things for their development team since Google’s timeline for resolving issues often took weeks to resolve. What Force needed was a solution with scalability in mind.

We've utilized our fair share of ad automation platforms in the past, but with Fluency, it feels like a true partnership rather than another tool. Fluency is constantly working on ways to make us better, and the level of professionalism and response times has been top-notch. They're proactive and don't shy away from a challenge, which we've definitely presented several throughout the years.
Elijah Thao
Director of Digital Marketing

Unlocking a Vehicle Ad Strategy that Scales 

With Fluency’s Robotic Process Automation for Advertising (RPA4A) platform, the Force Marketing team was able to gain the momentum they needed to get Vehicle Ads across the finish line for their large portfolio of automotive users. 

Since automating their processes, opportunities have opened up for Force in specific storefront dealer groups, as well as other rooftops that have a full-service agency, but don’t currently support Vehicle Ads. With the launch of Vehicle Ads earlier this year, those dealers are asking if the Force team has the capability to run Vehicle Ads, which is a factor in their selection of a primary marketing partner.

Even with the current challenges in automotive, Force has been able to utilize Vehicle Ads to help with budget limitations. By reallocating portions of budgets from paid search (or other channels) to Vehicle Ads, the team helps increase reach while lowering CPCs. It also helps level the playing field for Tier 3 dealers competing against the large nationwide competitors in paid search. The availability of this tool has helped Force recommend channels that will best support their efforts for our dealer clients. 

Partner with Fluency Today

What’s next for Force Marketing? The team will continue to show their dealers the path towards continued progress and development of their marketing strategies so they can best reach their consumers in the most cost-effective ways. 

If you’re having challenges with Vehicle Ads, reach out to Fluency for a demo and see how you can take your agency or enterprise to the next level.

The Results



By automating Vehicle Ads, Force was able to create structure to their processes, especially with onboarding
Pushing out updates and offerings in bulk allows for more time to act on impactful strategic insights
No matter the challenge, the partnership with Fluency has allowed Force Marketing to put their best foot forward for an evolved dealer-to-customer experience