What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for Advertising?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is here to revolutionize digital advertising by eliminating the issues associated with its most time-consuming tasks. In the past, you may have experimented with automation tools in an attempt to streamline Facebook and Google campaign updates. Maybe your strategists are still stuck tracking budgets in spreadsheets. Or you might be wondering how to find incremental profits by eliminating over and under-spending. Regardless of why—and how—your business is looking to save time and money, RPA for Advertising can help transform your team’s workloads—and your margins—forever.

What is Robotic Process Automation?

RPA is a technology that enables the programming, deployment, and management of ‘robots’ that deal with repetitive, time-consuming tasks. Similar in some ways to AI, RPA can learn and understand data and inputs, intelligently improving itself and its output while making automatic changes and adjustments. And it does all this with unmatched speed, consistency, and accuracy.

In addition to organization-level benefits like greater profitability, productivity, and agility, RPA gives team members more time and mindspace to apply towards high-value creative and strategic tasks.

Why RPA for Advertising?

Managing digital advertising accounts has traditionally been full of time- and labor-intensive tasks, constraining capacity and limiting performance, even when most of the systems are fully digital.

The case for RPA for Advertising is easily found in the challenges facing most digital advertisers:

  • Budget movement across channels like Facebook and Google can take days
  • Specials updates require 5+ days per month to update
  • Under and overspending—and difficult customer conversations—are commonplace
  • At-scale strategies like acquiring new customers are out of reach due to capacity issues
  • Advertising specialists can spend up to two weeks a month manually updating campaigns

Performance marketing’s core tasks are exactly what RPA for Advertising was designed to address.

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What does RPA for Advertising do?

With an RPA-powered ad account management tool, advertising teams can manage enterprise, franchise, and multi-location advertising account data in one sheet and dashboard. Among the many functions RPA for Advertising covers, three stand out:

1) Minimizing Budget Errors while Maximizing Margins

Once budgets are automatically optimized with RPA, you can say goodbye to underspending and overspending, and say hello to more money in your pocket.

  • One budget can be shared between channels and adjusted to reach unique account goals.
  • The smart system uses data analysis to maximize spend, while making sure that underspend — AKA wasted potential — never happens again, which is another key factor for client sentiment and ROI.
  • Better account management becomes possible, which in turn generates the glowing referrals that are great for growing business.

2) Automating Tasks Like Campaign Management

Save hundreds of hours for your business that would have been spent making manual adjustments and merges of account data. With RPA for advertising, you greatly reduce time spent on repetitive tasks like:

  • Updating monthly offers
  • Applying new audiences to campaigns
  • Constantly modifying budgets

3) Powering Strategic Insights

RPA provides deep visibility across all channels and accounts. An RPA-powered ad account management tool provides you with immediate insights into budgetary issues, and strategic notifications about quick ways to optimize account performance.

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How Does RPA for Advertising Work for Facebook Campaigns?

Chances are your advertising team knows how difficult it is to stay on top of Facebook campaigns, with budget management and strategic updates taking time and being difficult to scale. An RPA for Advertising tool makes the implementation of Facebook campaigns—and campaigns on other platforms—easier by letting you:

  • Streamline budget and campaign management
  • Tap into local and collaborative advertising
  • Test strategic updates at scale

RPA for Facebook helps your team capitalize on trends and advertising advancements as soon as they happen.

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RPA for Advertising’s Ultimate Impact on Long-Term ROI

RPA brings precision to the process of managing spend. Consider the way that margins are affected by optimized budgets that are never under or overspent; it can mean tens—or even hundreds—of thousands of dollars for your business in commission percentages per year.

And as mentioned, RPA for Advertising drives customer satisfaction and retention; happy customers mean more referrals and lasting, collaborative, and mutually beneficial relationships.

Finally, as digital advertising is a game of creativity, any increase in time spent on the actual creative is both welcome and valuable. RPA gives advertisers the budget—and freedom—to let team members play to their strengths. This is a strategic investment that has lasting results on business performance for both agencies and their clients alike.

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How To Choose the Right RPA for Advertising Partner

It is easy to confuse RPA with traditional automation (which a lot of platforms purport to help with), and sometimes it feels like splitting hairs when discussing. From our viewpoint at Fluency the difference between choosing a platform that can provide some automation and true Robotic Process Automation, is in the input you give it. Are you OK matching someone else’s philosophy on digital advertising strategy, or do you need a tool to empower you to use your unique strategies and operational data, at massive scale? If you need the latter, RPA for Advertising is likely a good fit for your team.

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