Wedgewood Weddings reduces their cost per acquisition by 49% with Fluency's RPA

With Fluency’s all-in-one ad automation platform powered by Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology, Wedgewood Weddings & Events achieved a 50% reduction in paid media operational costs, a 49% reduction in cost per acquisition, and a 17% increase in appointments per location.

So, how’d they do it?
Learn how Wedgewood Weddings & Events leveraged RPA (Robotic Process Automation) technology from Fluency in our new case study.

In 2019, the Wedgewood Weddings & Events team began searching for an advertising tool that went beyond standard technology solutions or partners to align with unique portfolio needs. Their internal marketing team needed a technology solution flexible enough to support their unique business model and the nuanced goals of their 50 unique venues across the United States.

Prior to utilizing the benefits of Fluency’s RPA for advertising, Wedgewood Wedding & Events reported their budgets were often unoptimized, and that they wished for clear foresight and strategy in local advertising. Manually tracking spend, pacing, and performance across the portfolio by location was a main challenge for the team.

Cassie Allinger, Senior Director of Paid Media at Wedgewood Weddings & Events describes the benefit of implementing a robotic process automation tool, “I needed a better tool to support our paid media strategy and growth plans, but I didn’t want the whole castle to fall down in the process. Fluency RPA allowed us the freedom of a custom-developed solution with the support and stability of a trusted partner and platform.”

Read the case study to see how Fluency reduced Wedgewood Wedding & Events’ weekly campaign management hours by 90% — and more.

Fluency helps customers like Wedgewood Weddings & Events turn unique advertising challenges into big opportunities. Fluency RPA is not just for major advertising agencies or bespoke local advertising. What could smarter advertising automation do for you?

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