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How to Leverage Google's Optimization Score at Massive Scale

Earlier in May of this year Google released access to their new Optimization Score data in their API. Fluency Engineers took full advantage of -- making us one of the first platforms to fully integrate and utilize this data point within our Platform.

This Optimization Score, also known as OptiScore, is available within Fluency from both the Account and campaign level (relevant to Google Search ads and Shopping ads). The score indicates the associated percentage passed back from Google based on certain AI recommendations; a value between that of 0 and 100%. As your account OptiScore approaches 100%, Google believes your account structure is approaching their best practices. Google will give you suggestions along the path to improve your score, therefore bringing your account closer to their designated optimal state. These AI recommendations are easy to follow in Fluency and for those who are familiar with the platform know the ease/functionality behind accepting AI recommendations at mass within the tool!

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