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Our blog explores the challenges and opportunities that exist while growing and scaling a digital advertising business.

Do you have a failure to launch?

Your largest manufacturing partner calls you on a Friday with a unique, large and heavy opportunity. They’re releasing a new product and to jumpstart sales, they’d like to spend money in PPC at the local level for all of their vendors – and they’ve selected your agency to execute.

The math is impressive - $750 per account for all 900 certified vendors for 90 days = $2 million media buy! Today is your lucky day. There’s just one problem…

Right sizing your Client-to-Strategist Ratio

After years of studying this phenomenon and studying agencies of all sizes, Fluency finally has the answer: There is no correct answer.

Digital marketing companies around the world struggle with similar challenges around staffing, scaling, and strategizing. One of the most pressing issues is finding the right number of clients to be managed by an individual strategist. Typically, the formula involves a combination of: